Never miss these major tourist attractions in Japan

Japan called as the ‘Land of Cherry’ and also the ‘Land of the rising sun’. It is one country not to miss out in Asia. It is not only the land of earthquakes, disciplined people but is also a land for many breath-taking attractions. Here we go with famous tourist spots in Japan.


This is the capital city of Japan and has been rock solid even after facing many calamities both from the nature and humans. It was twice destroyed, once due to the eruption of Great Kantō earthquake and the next is due to heavy bombings during the Second World War. But still it is always a place to visit in Japan due to its modern facilities and make-up being the capital of Japan. The festival and culture it carries with it is always an appeal for tourists.


It was once the capital city of ancient Japan and might be this is the reason it does not have much modern structures and attractions to boost of as Tokyo can. Never the less it has much from ancient past to look for today, the culture and sculpture it carries from ages is something that is typical to it alone. It is said that this place has more than half of the palaces, temples and ancient buildings located in Japan. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at half of the Japan’s ancestral glory in one place.


It was the capital city of Japan during the mid 7th centuries. It has flourished as the city of trade and commerce in those days due to its many channelized national waterways. The presence of huge river system was an added advantage for this age old city; all these factors made it a water city. Even now it is one of the biggest business cities of Japan. It is one of the Japan tourist attractions and has to be visited to see the ancient glory.


This city is now the administrative capital of Hokkaido and 3rd biggest city of Japan. Sapporo is famous for its Yuki matsuri snow festival held every year. It is said that this festival attracts more than 2 million visitors every year across the globe. This festival has in fact made Sapporo one of the popular Japanese tourist attractions. Apart from this it even has lot many amusements such as museums beer, theaters parks, twin towers and temples, all making it a compelling city to visit.


It is placed on the Honshu islands and is now the administrative hub for Hyogo Prefecture and forms one amongst main ports of Japan. This city is profoundly influenced with stunning architecture and parks on the west making it one of the best attractive places of Japan.

Shizuoka is also one place not to miss out when in Japan. The seeing of Mount Fuji is alone enough to make your Japan trip. So having said all, now you decide on which place to visit first.

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