Never miss these major tourist attractions in Italy

Italy is one country that has many global cultural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Here are few best tourist attractions of Italy that one should not miss out when in Italy. Here we go with famous tourist spots in Italy.

1. The towers in San Gimignano:

San Gimignano, a village located in Manhatten is well known for its fourteen stone towers which symbolize prosperity and strength. More than seventy towers were constructed in this place alone to protect the village against the enemy attacks. The village got down in glory and the protection and caressing of the towers was neglected after 1348 as the plague hit the village. But, still despite this fact it has many tourist attractions even today that are worth visiting. Exploring the unique architectural style of the remnant towers is worth it.

Leaning tower of Pisa Italy

2. Manarola:

It is one of the oldest cities of Italy and Europe and is well praised for its magnificent beauty of the antique colorful buildings. Manarola is placed on grandiose stony mountains and has stunning scenery.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa:

With Leaning Tower of Pisa the Italian tourist attractions begin. It needs no description and it goes hand in hand with Italy’s tourism and has been there in Pisa for more than 177 years. The tower began to descend in 1173 due to some malfunctioning of the basement. Even with this odd and negligence in taking care of it for nearly 100 years the tower remains rock-steady boosting of its solidness. It symbolizes the mastery of architecture and perfection of building material from the ancient past, which everyone should take note of.

4. Lake Como:

This is part and parcel of Italian Lake district. This well known area attracts lot many tourists round the year. The lake is somewhat similar to the letter ‘Y’. Since ages this place was well liked by rich people. It has many cultural attractions and remnants that can easily make you go mad. The climate is also very attractive.

5. Positano:

This is one little town placed on the Amalfi Coast. It has a coastline filled with complex terrains. The mountains, beach and the sun are treats to watch. It was built in medieval ages and was a prosperous place since then. Though the city went half population less in 19th century due to many reasons its charisma to attract people has not lessened.

6. Pompeii:

Known as ‘’the forgotten city” it has long cultural background. The city that has much importance to boost of in the annals of Italian history had been devastated on 24th August 79 AD due to the eruption of Vesuvius volcano which left behind ashes and rocks. Still, that sad incident did not ruin its charisma, it has much to offer for today’s tourists and attracts more than thousands of tourists each year. The remains are what that attract the people.

7. Piazza del Campo:

It is one of the greatest medieval squares located in Europe. This is the main public square for the historic centers of Tuscany and Siena. This is popular Italian tourist attractions for tourists since it has beautiful sceneries everywhere and also unique remnant structures from the past.

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