Neon colors themes: Latest trend of painting homes

The home decoration ideas keep changing always and latest trends keep marking their presence very often. As of now, the latest home decoration trend is to paint different colors for rich and catchy looks. In this present article, we shall see how to decorate your home using neon colors.

Colorful main door:

The easiest painting tips for home to attract the attention of guests are to paint the main door with neon colors. If the outer walls have light colors then paint the door with yellow neon color. If you wish to have the main door as the center of attraction for the whole house then color it with neon color that is in contrast to colors on walls. You can prefer green and red for this effect.

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Colorful pillows:

When the pillow covers present on the sofas and chairs have neon color then the looks of the rooms are multiplied instantly. Prefer neon colors for pillow covers that are in contrast to the chair and sofa colors. Having different colored piping at the edges and a single color for the rest of the pillow cover will be more beautiful. The best colors are black, yellow, maroon, and pink neon colors.

Decorative pieces:

The decorative items such as flower vases and other items will not make any difference if they are of different sizes and models. They will make an impact only when you have proper neon coloring for them. Placing flower vases in rose and blue neon colors on tables and in shelves will be a treat for the eyes to watch. Master the art of beauty by decorating them with different colored artificial flowers.

Neon furniture:

Even the couches and sofa sets should also be in neon colors for a perfect neon look. Having a green couch and a pink color sofa in the living room will simply multiply the elegance of the room and also the total house look. Throw away multi-colored pillows on them and see the magical treat you give to the look of the rooms.

Neon bathroom:

If you wish to have a perfect bath and perfect relax in bathrooms then your bathroom should go the neon color way. Fill the tiles, bath tub and sink with neon colors.

Accessories and household items:

Blenders, coffee makers, lights, lamp shades and table lamps should be made of neon colors. When the lighting material is in neon colors then the lighting effect and coloring of the room gets doubled and goes glowing. Prefer green, yellow and red colors for lighting accessories as part of home painting tips.

Even the stools and other usable things can also be painted with neon. This is the easiest way to make your homes look enlighten and attractive. Follow these neon coloring tips and make your home a home for rainbow.

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