Neem plant and its manifold benefits for us

Neem is one plant which has many uses for us both for health and also for beauty. It’s highly antibacterial and antifungal proprieties make it one of the most useful medicinal plants. This makes it as the best ayurvedic plant. Each and every part of the plant such as bark, leaves, roots, seeds and also fruits of it have some kind of usefulness to humans. This present article is all about giving you an idea of the benefits of a neem plant. Here we go with manifold benefits it gives us.

1)  There is no other plant on earth that is more useful for Ayurveda. This plant is used in the preparation of many ayurvedic medicines and is beautifully called as ‘’one tree pharmacy’’. The reverence for this plant comes from its medicinal values.

2)  This is the best natural oral care product. Traditionally Indians used and are also using the stem of neem plant to brush their teeth. Using neem stem to clean teeth will give overall oral health. It effectively fights plague and also kills bacteria in the mouth. It acts as a natural antiseptic ingredient for the mouth and keeps away tooth decay.

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3)  The antibacterial nature of neem comes handy in skin protection and this is the reason why it is used in many skin products which also include face washes and soaps. Skin problems such as rashes, pimples and other skin infections can easily be kept under control when skin products made from neem are used. Bacteria present on the skin can easily be eradicated.

4)  Neem also acts as good antifungal agent and so it can be used to cure skin problems aroused due to fungus.

5)  Neem is also highly useful for hair. This is the best natural antidandruff product. Make a natural paste by crushing neem leaves by adding water. Apply this paste to the scalp and you can easily remove bacteria from the hair. This same paste will also ignite healthy hair growth.

6)  Many of the skin related problems can be kept at bay by applying neem paste to the body. A skin inflammation that comes due to rashes and other skin allergies can be easily treated with neem oil.

7)  The easiest way to stay healthy is to eat 2 or 3 neem leaves daily. This way you can naturally kill all the toxins in the body and stay healthy and fit.

8)  Neem oil also acts best on skin redness and itchy skin.

9)  Neem oil is the best natural gastro-protective.

10) Neem leaves are natural immunity boosters.

11) Neem leaves and neem fruits are best natural fertilizers for soil.

So have a neem plant in your garden if possible. Its growth also needs no much care and it will easily grow itself.

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