Must have foods to reduce hair fall

Everyone wishes to be beautiful and gorgeous but it is not as easy as said. Many hurdles like pollution, lack of good diet, improper lifestyle and lack of physical workouts lead to dull and pale looks. Along with these having good hair is also important to look great which unfortunately many don’t have. The reasons behind hair loss can be many such as UV rays, pollution, genes and also climate. When these many culprits are under action then having healthy hair that adds beauty to you is stupendous task. Again different kinds of hair problems are the result of different problems.

Going by all these you would have lost hope on having healthy hair and looking beautiful. Don’t worry irrespective of all these the one best and easy solution for hair problems is good diet. Here we go with diet for hair problems which can fight all your problems at one shot….just follow the foods to reduce hair fall mentioned below for good hair.

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1) The diet you take daily should be rich in iron, folic acid, b-complex and vitamin A. These are indispensible for healthy hair. They are the essentials for good healthy hair.

2) The best diet for hair fall is the diet that has high levels of fatty acids and protein. Omega 3 fatty acids should be taken in high amounts to reduce hair fall and also to strengthen the hair.

3) One care while taking any food to be followed to have good hair is to see to that the food is mot rich in sugar content.

4) Different vegetable salads should be taken. Walnuts should be included wherever possible as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

5) Fruits, eggs and fish should find their place every now and then as they are good for overall health of the hair.

6) The natural way to treat hair fall is to stay away from nicotine, alcohol and cool drinks if you wish your hair to be healthy.

7) Keep taking coconut water and vegetable juices as they assist in strong hair.

8) If you wish to keep your hair and skin shinning and dazzling without much do then give proper importance to fat along with protein in your food but the fat you take should be good fat.

9) The best foods that are good for your hair are avocado fruit and green leafy vegetables. They have correct amounts of zinc and omega 3.

10) Stay away from red meat and also other fried foods as they can easily damage hair.

11) Drink carrot juice daily so that you get fiber and vitamin A for good digestion and good hair.

12) Don’t forget broccoli and cauliflower to eat.

Add the above said foods as much as possible and beat tall your hair problems in a single go and also check for causes of hair fall and address the accordingly. There may be many reasons behind hair problems such as medicines, anxiety, depression, pregnancy, skin infections, dandruff and cosmetics that you use. So check for the problem and act accordingly.

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