Munching groundnuts gives health

Many of us forego eating groundnuts with the fear of adding on weight but actually eating groundnuts every now and then is good for health. Apart from increasing the good cholesterol they also assist in easy movement of bowel. So instead of staying completely away from them have them in little quantities quite often…eating either fried or boiled groundnuts is equally healthy. Here let us see the benefits of eating groundnuts….

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1) Groundnuts have high amounts of proteins in them and so they are good for those who are on diet, as the protein in them will assist in healthy weight loss.

2) Groundnuts also have high amounts of amino acids, which are indispensible for proper health and sound body, so make it a habit of eating at least half fistful of them each day.

3) Groundnuts are not only rich in proteins and amino acids but also have high amounts of minerals and antioxidants that have an indispensible value for good health.

4) One easiest way to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body is to eat groundnuts daily. Eating them is nothing but raising good cholesterol in the body. They have monosaturated fats, more importantly folic acid, which keeps the health of the heart. Even the nitric oxide in them is very beneficial to heart’s health.

5) The human digestive system these days has become so sensitive for many reasons and the number of people falling prey to digestive diseases and intestine cancers is also on raise. One way to ward off this situation is to rely on groundnuts.  Groundnuts have polyphenolic antioxidants in them which are effective in fighting cancers related to stomach. These antioxidants can also easily fight fungal and viral infections.

6) B complex is indispensible for human body; even a minute deficiency of it can cause many problems. So eat groundnuts sufficiently to bring back the correct amounts of B complex in the body. Groundnuts have rich amounts of B6 and B9, along with many vitamins. The studies have also found that people who have the habit of eating groundnuts have lessened problems that arise due to lack of B complex.

7) According to researches the health benefits of peanut butter are many; having it is effective in reducing the problems associated with gallbladder. The studies have found that using groundnut butter reduced the chances of gallbladder by nearly 25%.

8) The minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc and selenium re high in groundnuts. These are all the important minerals needed for proper functioning of the human system.

9) Groundnuts are also highly effective in keeping the metabolism active and so they maintain the sugar levels correctly.

10) Lack of correct levels of serotonin will cause depression in people and one easy way to keep depression caused due to improper serotonin levels is to eat groundnuts as they have good amounts of serotonin.

11) Eating groundnuts will also keep the skin radiant and glowing. So isn’t it an easy way to get healthy skin without much trouble.

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