Mint leaves: Leaves that give beauty and health

Mint leaves as we all know smells aromatic, help in digestion, removes the bad smell of the mouth and adds taste to foods. So does these mean mint leaves have only these uses. Definitely they have many more uses which you don’t know and which we are going to let you know now. The article will say you how to use them to enhance your beauty naturally, economically, effectively and quickly. Here go with beauty uses of mint leaves. You know what? By using mint leaves to fortify your beauty you are going organic.

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1) Why use all hell like artificial shampoos for hair when uses of mint leaves for hair are many. Can’t we go natural? Yes, we can and it is by preferring to use menthol based shampoos to hair. You can find many menthol-based organic shampoos in the market. Use them and you can easily sense the difference of using it and benefits it gives to hair. It cools the scalp and also the body. So use it more often when you feel your body is heated.

2) There are many mint based essential oils in the market. When these are used you can easily bring down the heat in the body. They can easily refresh you and your sensory organs and so you are relieved from stress and headaches.

3) As per dermatologists the uses of mint leaves for skin are many as they are skin friendly and this is the reason why they recommend the usage of more mint products. When you use menthol based products such as soaps, oils and shampoos you can easily lower skin related problems such as rashes and dandruff.

4) Many of the skin problems that are the result of fungal and bacteria can easily be kept in check.

5) Using any kind of menthol based products starting from body lotions to creams is definitely healthy for skin; more importantly in summer season as menthol has a cooling effect on the body.

6) You can find many bath salts that have menthol as their base product. Use these salts to pedicure and manicure foot and hands. When you do so you can remove the dead skin cells and so hands and legs get shine. These same salts also act as antibacterial agents and so can keep the infections away.

7) Prefer to use mint based facial creams as uses of mint leaves for face are manifold and also natural. These have mint and peppermint which gives freshness and also glowing looks. The face gets a cooling sensation and, as a result, the face muscles are relieved and you can have an unstressed face in no time.

8) Menthol based toothpastes are also highly useful in giving whiter teeth and also fresher breath.

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