Milk increases memory power: A report

Are you suffering from memory loss and are searching for ways and tips to increase memory power then drink 3 glasses of milk daily. According to an American study drinking 3 glasses of milk will not only keep at bay weak memory but will also lead to overall health.

As per this study, drinking milk will increase antioxidants in the body, which in turn will lead to increased protection for the brain cells. This study has been jointly conducted by In-Young Choi, associate professor of neurology and nutrition head Debra Sullivan of University of Kansas.

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The study has mentioned that people who had the habit of drinking 3 glasses of milk per day stayed away from many of the routine diseases. An antioxidant named glutathione present in milk helps the brain in keeping the health of the cells present in the brain. The same habit will also lessen the chances of falling prey to diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.

The main aim of the study was to find out how glutathione affected the brain. As part of the research aged people and middle-aged people were selected. The study traced that this particular antioxidant saved the brain cells from free radicals. The same antioxidant also saved the brain cells from free radicals produced as part of metabolism. The study has also found that it assists in getting relaxed from stress and other sought of things, which are part of life cycle.

Not only these, drinking milk also helps in strengthening of muscles and bones apart from many other health benefits. The study has confined that milk is the most important element in its health.

The members of the study have also suggested along with drinking milk exercising and good life style habits protect the health of the brain.

In-Young Choi has also said that imbalances in different levels of antioxidants present in the brain can be changed by eating habits. All in all by now we all have come to know that health benefits of drinking milk does not end with healthy bones and also embraces brain memory power.

So drink 3 glasses of milk daily and stay fit both in mind and body.

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