Migraine and its complete fact sheet

Getting headaches rarely is something that can be ignored but if you are perpetually falling prey to it then it denotes some serious internal problem. The reasons for headaches are many, which also include increased stress, lack of sleep, and some kind of tumors. Apart from these all, one can experience headache even due to migraine, which is a serious kind of pain present on one side of the head.

Causes of migraine:

There are many migraine causes and even they differ from male to female. But in general here are few of the migraine causes.

  1. The foremost reasons for migraine are mental stress and mental anxiety. Repeated occurrences of thoughts, mostly the thoughts that bring down the mood are the primary reason for the onset of migraine.
  2. Lack of proper sleep and depression can even trigger migraine.
  3. Exposing to sun for long duration of time can as well be a cause.
  4. At times constant journey and exposure to dust might lead to it.
  5. Sometimes women will experience it during, through or after periods. The hormonal imbalances can as well lead to migraine headaches.
  6. Intake of oral contraceptives might cause migraine in some women.

Different phases and migraine symptoms:

In many people migraine gets cured itself after certain point of time. Medication is required in only few instances. Normally migraine headaches will reduce between 24 hours to 72 hours. In case the pain exceeds 72 hours then it is called as status migrainosus.

Phases of migraine: Normally migraine headaches include four phases.

Prodromal phase:

This phase includes all the symptoms that start before 2 hours of the onset of the pain to two days. Mental strain and anxiety, depression and change in thought process are associated. People also become sensitive to light. Neck pains too can be seen.

Aura phase:

This phase begins just before few minutes of the onset of pain. Blurred vision, visibility of zigzag lines, word stammer, a feeling of head pain along with needle penetration sensation, and weakness

Attack phase:

This phase can be seen from 2 hours to 3 days. Vomiting is common in this phase and pain is mostly present on any one side of the head. Over reaction of people to light and sound can be seen.

Postdromal phase:

This phase begins after the pain evades. Feeling tired, lack of interest and heaviness of head can be seen.

Diagnosis of migraine:

Checking blood pressure, EEG examination, CT scan, MRI brain tests, CBP, ESR tests should be done to know it.

Homeopathy medicines for migraine:


Ayurvedic treatment therapies, known as Panchakarma, are also effective in treating Migraine pains. Nasya (injecting herbal oils into the nostrils) and Shriodhara (massage of head) are mainly advised to patients. Both procedures aim at curing the causes of headaches and also the pain.

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