Microsoft Surface Promo Code for Windows RT from $499 on Pre-order

Microsoft Surface Tablet promo code has been the talk of the town ever since Microsoft announced the upcoming release of Surface, way back in June, 2012. After the initial hullaballoo died down, tech gigs spent months speculating price matters and prospective Microsoft Surface promo code. And while, Microsoft has yet not come up with discount announcements on the Surface, it has cleared some of the cloud with an initial price announcement.

Close on its release and for the first time since its unveiling, Microsoft has gone public with the price of its “all in one” tablet. The pricing of Surface RT, has been set in the range of $499.00 to $699.00. Microsoft Surface promo code now brings you this incredible amalgamation of beauty and brains, up for pre order on Microsoft Store online. With an expansion slot to complement its 32 GB storage, pre-loaded Microsoft Office 2013, and a superior OS, Windows RT Surface is definitely worth the tag. While the initial price revelation sounds just great with or without Microsoft Surface promo code, a little less is always welcome! So keep checking for Microsoft Surface discount code to avail of any discounts that are subsequently announced on this product.

Surface with Windows RT $499 only

The product has been made available in three choice categories. While the 64 GB Surface is available with an inclusive Black Touch Cover, the 32 GB version is up for pre order, both with and without the Black Touch Cover. The 64 GB Black Touch Cover Surface is priced at $699.00. The 32 GB with Black Touch cover is marginally low at $599, and the 32 GB without Black touch cover is most accessible at $499.00. And if you use your Microsoft Surface coupon code to pre order now for the products “with covers”, they will reach you by October 26, 2012 itself. The 32 GB without Black touch cover will require a shipment time of three weeks though. Microsoft online store also provides Microsoft Surface free shipping on all your orders, so procuring the product comes with a no-pinch to your pocket.

The Surface Touch cover is available in five cool shades – dignified white and black contest with the more electric red, cyan and magenta, to leave you spoilt for choice. These delightful add-ons double up as keyboards and protective laptop coverings, and add a distinct appeal to Surface. The touch covers have been priced at $119.99, but you could keep checking on any Microsoft Surface coupon deals for these add-ons online. A more conventional user might however prefer to supplement Surface with the Type Cover instead, at $129.99. For a more humble price, keep your fingers crossed for Microsoft Surface coupon announcements!

The above are the initial prices disclosed. Microsoft’s debut venture into the tablet zone, Surface, has been designed in two versions, the “Surface” and “Surface Pro”. While Surface hits stores on October 26, 2012, Surface Pro shall follow shortly in another three months. So, if you are a gadget freak and being the first to possess is what matters, go ahead and pre order now. Else, it also makes sense to wait awhile for any Microsoft Surface promotional code announcements, which will enable you to go economy on the price.

The recommendation is – Be patient, keep checking for Microsoft Surface coupon code online, stay informed and buy smart!


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