Microsoft Office 365 Personal $6.99 only with Promo Code Office 2014

What is new in Office 365 is the first question popped by most of the Office users and the answer given by Microsoft to this question is that they can find their familiar applications like PowerPoint, Word and Excel, but with some new features that will be of great help to them in creating, communicating and working even in a more efficient manner. Also, they can work virtually from anywhere as well. Let us get into the details about the improvements made in some of the applications:

Microsoft Office 365 Personal $6.99 only

Office Online: Even though, this feature was available in the Office 2007 and 2010 versions, the improvement made in the Office 365 is that the users can post documents online in OneDrive and even they can invite their friends to view and edit the documents. This feature can be enjoyed not only when you go for the Office 365 Personal version, but also in the Home premium version that can be purchased with Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium coupon code.

Merge shapes in PowerPoint: Merge shapes is a feature that was introduced in Office 2010 and this feature is now available in the 365 package with an improvement. Now, people procuring Personal package with Office 365 Personal promo code or otherwise can create custom shapes and graphics with tools that can help in combining, fragmenting, intersecting or subtracting any two shapes.

Inking in OneNote: Even though, this feature was previously present in the 2007 and 2010 versions of the Office Suite, users can now draw, erase and edit apart from converting their digital handwriting into text.

Social connectors in Outlook: Nowadays, social networking is the most talked about topic. Regardless of whether it is individuals or businesses, most of them use social networking sites either for entertainment purpose or for promotional purpose. In addition to Office 365 Small Business Premium promo code, business people can enjoy the feature of social connectors in the small business premium version of Office 365. With the help of this feature, users can see social updates from Linkedin, Facebook and other social networking sites. It is available not only in the business version, but it is also available in other versions of Office 365 too.

In addition to the improvements made in the above-mentioned features, many new features are also included in this latest version of the Office suite. Not only general public can be benefited with Microsoft Office 365 promo code, students can also get Office 365 Student promo code for procuring their suitable version.

When talking about students, for those studying in accredited universities or colleges either in part-time or full-time courses, they can get Microsoft Office 365 University at the reduced cost by using  Microsoft Office 365 University promo code.

So, the aim of Microsoft is to satisfy people from different sections of the community. Not only home users, students and business people, but also individuals can find the suitable version of Office 365 with many worth to use features.

In general, most of the students these days engage in social networking through their mobile phones and this is why Office Mobile Apps for Windows and Android Phones is available for Office 365 users. There are suites that can be installed in desktop, iPads, Windows tabs and Android phones too. So, the users can complete their jobs on the go from anywhere.

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