Meditation and its magic on children

Meditation as we all know has many health and psychological benefits. It is not only important for adults but is also important for children alike. There are many benefits of meditation for children; mainly hyper-activeness in them can be controlled. According to studies, children who practiced meditation were more focused and had good listening capability. So inculcate the habit of practicing meditation regularly in your child. Let us see the benefits derived from it in children.

Self-control: One of the first and foremost benefits of meditation for kids is they become self-conscious. They become aware of what to do and what not to do. The will to control by self will increase. Your child controls himself and any external force is not needed. According to reports, children who participated in meditation programs for 3 years had higher self-control in comparison to the ones who had no meditation.

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Increased focus: Inculcating meditation in children right from elementary stages had much better results in comparison to beginning meditation in the later stages. Early meditation leads to better focus, increased social activeness and participation. The behavior had also seen positive ends. Meditating children have been noticed with respecting and helping others.

Depression management: Children were also saved from depression. Mere attending of 9 mediation classes in children aged 12 to 16 has decreased the severity of depression in them. They could cope up with stress and anxiety effectively.

Social behavior: Children had good social behavior. Their way of conduct was extremely good in standards. The levels of caring, charity and loving others have increased in children. They were more sociable after practicing meditation. These changes were noticed in children who were studying 4th and 5th standards.

ADHD symptoms: One of the most important and vital advantages of child meditation was lessened ADHD symptoms. Children could forego their hyperactivity. They could be managed well and even their concentration increased. An 8 week meditation is all what is needed to calm down your child in case he has ADHD symptoms.

Increased performance: The marks and performance levels went high in children who were meditation addicts. They could manage exam stress well and also their focus and ability to remember things went high. The studies have found that children who practiced meditation regularly had scored 15 percent more than the ones who had no mediation classes.

Overall health: Apart from all the above the best part was there was a positive increase in the overall health of the children when meditation was part of their life. They were hail and healthy, both physically and mentally.

So, might be its high time to inculcate mediation in your children dear parents.

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