Mayo clinic says developing some hobby will ward off memory loss

Aged and middle aged people are increasingly suffering from lack of memory power or lesser memory power. The reasons are many and one of the solutions for this is to get engaged in some kind of activity that keeps your brain active and also that gives pleasure to you. This was confined by one of the studies conducted by Mayo clinic in Rochester, USA.

As per Mayo clinic research, if middle aged and senior people wish to stay off from memory loss then the easy way is to be active and practice one of the arts and handicrafts that bring enthusiasm for them. In case you can’t do this one should at least try to be socially active and mingle with people.

When people can implement one of the above they can easily evade age-related health problems such as dementia and Alzheimer.

The researchers of study have also stated that by being active and keeping the mind busy one can easily protect the neurons in the brain from getting damaged. The brain will not develop blocks and also the cells will not get damaged and this will lead to the development of new neurons in the brain.

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The study was conducted on 256 members who were aged 87. All the 256 were mentally active and had no memory or thinking ability problems. Few of them were asked to involve in sculpting, drawing and painting while few of them were asked to participate in handicrafts such as pottery, woodworks, ceramic quilting and embroidery and stitching works.

The rest were asked to be socially active and they mingled continuously with people by involving in activities such as watching films, gossiping with friends, visiting concerts, actively participating in book clubs and spending time in travelling. Few of them were asked to be active with their PCs by playing games and surfing the net for the things they want. These people were also the ones who were active in online shopping.

At the end of 4 years, 121 people out of 256 had lesser qualities of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  People who were active in some kind of arts were having 73 percent fewer chances of MCI in comparison to people with who were not active in some kind of art. 45 percent of chances of being affected with MCI were reduced in people who were active in handicrafts. 53 percent of chances to fall for MCI were reduced in people who were active netizenes while 55 percent reduction was noticed in people who were socially active.

Hope now you know what to do to stay mentally active and sharp in brain.

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