Massage your foot and increase your health

Are you anxious and have mood swings too often? Don’t you know how to get off from bad mood? Are you worried about where to get relaxation? All the answers for these and also many lie in your foot. A new kind of massage known as FOOT MASSAGE has gained immense popularity these days due to its health effects.  According to health experts, it is the easiest way to give health and mood boost up.

Here let us see the foot massage techniques and also the health benefits we get from it.

How to do foot massage?

First clean the foot using cold water. Take 4 drops of essential oil in the palm and use it to massage the feet. While massaging don’t do the mistake of applying too much pressure at a time. Increase the pressure slowly and gradually. Use two or three fingers to apply massage on foot by targeting the foot muscles. As far as possible, use thumb finger to apply massage.

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As per experts, this massage will lead to positive changes in the body and lead to instant relaxation. The body will get new energy instantly. It will remove the blockages present in the muscles and improve blood circulation instantly. As a result, you will have energy flow.

Benefits of foot massage:

•    There is a close link between the foot massage and sex life. As soon as you enter your bedroom massage the foot. Or the other sexiest way is to give foot massage for your partner and take foot massage from your partner. This way you are increasing the sex drive and also having good foreplay.

•    Women experience swelling of feet during pregnancy. This is common for all. Pregnant woman also experience leg pain and cramps during this stage. If you are also pregnant and are suffering from the above two problems than foot massage is the best. Before you hit the bed give the benefits of foot massage to your feet for 15 minutes and you can see the relief from them.

•    The Shoe is the latest trend. Closing the feet with full covered shoes and socks will increase pressure on the foot. The foot will also remain airless for many hours, which in turn will lead to many ankle related problems. If you are also the one amongst many who wear shoe regularly then you need foot massage at least three times in a day. When there is a proper flow of blood in the feet then many of the problems that arise due to blood flow blockage can be kept at bay.

•    Depression, stress and anxiety can also be easily kept in check using a foot massage. You can get easy relief from them.

•    Lack of sleep, menstrual problems and also PMS problems too can be kept under control.

Now knowing the benefits you should give it a try for overall health.

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