Managing workplace stress

Offices are workplaces where a lot of people want to make the best out of their time and career options in front of them. It means a lot of stress, the first reason which leads to this is because of a person’s own workload and the second is because of the sheer pressure and in most cases because of office politics. But, no matter what the reason, the repercussions of workplace stress are on health and on the productivity of an individual and an employee. And it has been seen that women are more prone to it, possibly because of the fact that they have more social pressures as well as more work to deal with on a daily basis. So, management of workplace related stress is essential.

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Be organized and good manager: Your work may not be that of a manager at your workplace, but the reality is that being a good manager is necessary in our times. Having an organized task and result list in front of you whenever you get down to work would not only help in keeping a tab on your work but would also make your workplace more cluster free. And a free mind is more productive and less stressed. Then again, whether you are a man or a woman, both need to have a social, as well as a professional life. Learn to manage both and set up your priorities both for short-term, as well as long-term. Stick to your schedules and make provisions for both office and family. This would help reduce stress and other lifestyle related diseases.

Eat appropriate diet: Avoid having too many fats and starch when working in the office. It not only has long term bad effects but would also make you feel lazy and reduce your energy level. That being the case, you may feel more stressed.

Do offices exercise: There are many exercises that have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of an office? They would help a lot in reducing your physical as well mental stress. Whether you sit in office and work or have to go out on-field and work, doing some of these exercises would go a long way in keeping you fit.

Have proper sleep: Sleep is a great stress buster. Have a good night sleep and never compromise on it because of work. If there is an option in your workplace then go for naps during work hours so that your energy levels go up.

Have small breaks: Taking small breaks and having some chit chat with your peers would have more advantages than you can think of. Why sit alone and be termed as not social when spending some time with your colleagues would give you an image of a friendly person.

Avoiding workplace stress goes a long way in managing lifestyle diseases as it is one of the most common causes of such sicknesses. Be sure that you take steps to manage stress which is short-term, as well as long-term.

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