Managing body pains with different sleep postures

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It is not only important how many hours you sleep but it is also equally important how you sleep. The way you sleep and your postures affect the sleep, health and also your body pains in general. There certain kinds of postures for different kinds of body pains to be followed so that the pain can be kept in control.

Here are different sleep postures for different kinds of body pains….

1) Sleeping position for back pain:

The best posture to sleep for people having back pain is to sleep on their back. They should place a pillow behind the back for a perfect posture. A small pillow or towel should be placed beyond the knees. All in all people suffering from back pain should sleep with their back on the bed. If you prefer sleeping on one side of the body then place a pillow in between the knees. Doing so will help in easing the joint pains and knee pains. Sleeping on stomach is a big no for these people as it increases the pressure on back bone and shoulders. In case you are forced to sleep on the stomach then place a pillow between the stomach and pelvis region.

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2) Sleeping position for shoulder pain:

One simple tip to avoid shoulder pain is to not to sleep on the side where you have shoulder pain. Sleeping on back is also safe. One can as well sleep on the side where there is no shoulder pain but see to that the shoulder is stretched and not near the body. Place a pillow in between one side of the chest and bed.

3) Acid reflux-sleep position:

Acid refluxes have become common for many due to lack of proper sleep and digestion problems. One way to keep them in control is to place your head above your torso level by placing a pillow below the neck or the cot area near your head should be higher in level than the area near the leg. You can do this by placing a stone between the front legs of the cot. If at all, you can’t do any of these, sleep on one side of the body.

4) Sleeping position for neck pain:

People having neck pain should place the neck in one constant position. Never place the stomach on bed, which means you should either sleep sideways or on your back. Placing pillows too should be avoided. In case you prefer to place a pillow see to that, the pillow is placed just above the shoulder area. The placement of the pillow should be such that it does not allow too much lying of neck on pillow.

5) Sleep position to stop snoring:

Snoring or known as obstructive sleep apnea in medical terminology can also be lessened effectively by either sleeping on stomach or sleeping on one side of the body. Also sleeping on one side by placing a tennis ball in between the palm and pillow will also help the situation.

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