Manage different personalities at work with these easy tips

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No human is identical nor the mindsets alike. Either we wish or not we will come across different people with different thoughts and different behaviors. Here are few common kinds of colleagues that you will encounter in life. More importantly at the workplace you find these people.

The attention seeker:

In every office, you will find a couple of such people. Their main business is to seek and gain the attention of others. And the attention they seek is not for the work done or some other novel thing. They are just like that and their mindset is so. For every single minute, they need to be noticed and they will go to any extent to get noticed. The best way to deal with such people is to just ignore them or notice them till they are not turning out to be a burden.

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The slacker: 

Their motto as far as work is concerned is work is the biggest and most novel thing. Work is just worship for them. Remember just worship and in real sense they will never work. Because for them work is to be worshipped and not to be accomplished. This bunch of people can really be no harm to you unless your work is disturbed. But still it is better to stay away from them as you will end up working late. For such people, fun in office comes first and they waste much of time in cafeterias and when you are sticking to them you will also find yourself in offices more than what you should be.

The flatterer:

As the name suggests this kind of people never misses out a chance to praise someone. For such people, every occasion is a thing of surprise and a reason to appreciate. For them, even ordinary things are extraordinary. It is always better to be careful with such people who have this mindset as they may have some selfish concern behind the praise made. So be careful and avoid them to the maximum.

The competitor:

The world is a battle ground and you need to win the battle at least few times if not always. When there is a battle you will have a competitor for sure. In fact, competition is needed for growth. The best way to recognize your competitor is to have a healthy competition. Have a fair play and try to beat the competition. But never do the mistake of taking the competition on personal grounds and being a spoil sport.

The party mongrel:

These are really the best ones you can find in any office. They make life a party for you. They are always ready for hangouts and know the best party spots in your town. So befriend them but see that your parties are not affecting your work.

Follow these easy ways of managing different personalities in the workplace to have your free flow of work.

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