Manage blood pressure with these easy home tips

Many of the people in this modern and restless age are suffering from high blood pressure (BP) also known as hypertension in medical language. If this situation could have stopped with this alone then it was not a big problem. But sadly it won’t stop here. BP will lead to many other health complications such as heart, nerve and mental related problems. People increase their BP levels without knowing how to control the situation easily. Here are few home remedies to control BP.

Along with following these home remedies we also need to have a proper lifestyle and good eating habits. These two directly influence blood pressure. Now we shall see few of the easy home remedies to follow to keep BP in check. Following them is the easiest natural way to keep BP in check.

•    Onion is the best natural treatment for blood pressure. Take one tablespoon of onion juice along with 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix both of them in said quantities and drink daily without fail. If you follow this easy home medicine you can easily lower BP and keep it under check.

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•    Garlic since ages has been a trusted home medicine for us. We would have heard from our elders that eating it daily is as good as eating an apple. Eat one garlic clove daily and see the effects it gives us. Amongst many of the effects of it, when consumed daily one positive effect it gives the body is, it lowers BP effectively. It also lowers cholesterol and reduces fat near the belly easily.

•     Many of us think Curry leaves are just useful only to give aroma to the food but actually it does not end here. They are not so. They have their own of goodness for health. All you need to do to kick increased blood pressure is to soak 4 to 5 curry leaves in a glass of water for half an hour and drink that water. Repeat this process daily and you can see lowering BP levels daily.

•    Carrot juice benefits health in many ways and one such help is it is also a good BP lowering juice. Add spinach to carrot juice and drink in the morning. Doing so, you will not only keep BP in control but will also increase digestion power.

•    All kinds of sea foods are good for health especially tuna and salmon. Eat them minimum two times in a week and you can easily fight increased blood pressure.

•    As per dieticians drinking beetroot juice daily twice will easily bring your BP down.

Follow all these natural ways to control blood pressure and also exercise each day for 30 minutes. These 2 acts of yours have a long way to deciding the blood pressure rate.

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