Making your courtyard a haven to hangout

Having courtyard in your home premises is blessing in disguise. It is one place that can be used to hang out when tired. It relieves the body from stress and gives new lease of life. One simple way to beat stress is to get solace by sitting in courtyard after a stressful day. Courtyard can be either part of home or can be in garden. Where ever it is it needs to be planned with proper courtyard decorating ideas for perfect ambience. But not all are blessed with this boon due to its huge maintenance costs and lack of space. In case you are one amongst the fortunate to have courtyard then follow these courtyard design ideas to make it more beautiful and spacious.

  1. Take every care in design and decoration to get the maximum out of the available space.
  2. Before you design the courtyard have an idea on how you wish to use it. This will save you lot of space and money also. Arrange furniture to sit based on the space available.
  3. The courtyard can be magnified in beauty by placing hanging plants and sculptures and when lighting effects are given to them the beauty even glorifies.
  4. If you have the advantage of having more space, fountains and dining tables can be placed for extra show and comfort.  Having sit out furniture and dining tables will give the advantage of having moon light dinners with your friends.
  5. One can as well use hanging lights for extra elegance.
  6. Apart from the regular plants also add small decorative plants and decorative creepers to give extra look.
  7. The courtyard walls can also be used to paint beautiful sceneries to get extra look.
  8. One thing never to forget if you have less courtyard space is to use iron furniture to cope with less space.
  9. The courtyard should have only such things that you mostly make use of, doing so will make the courtyard look bigger and give extra space, which you can use for other purposes.
  10. If the space is very big make proper arrangements for kids to play some kind of indoor games.
  11. Even if the courtyard has much space it should not be stuffed with more furniture and more plants, doing so will not only increase the maintenance time but also increase the costs.
  12. The one way to make the best out of more space available is to place a fountain in middle, doing so will divide the courtyard space into equal halves. One part of the side can be used for dining while the other can be used to grow plants and other refreshment activities.

Following the above methods will give you the best out of courtyard.

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