Makeup ideas that make you center of attraction in functions

Functions and marriages everywhere along with these the season has reached its peak as the New Year is knocking its bells in no time. Parties and hangouts have become culture of the day. You don’t have time to breath with piling party invitations from either end: new-year and Christmas. Day in and out you have one party or the other leaving you tired and timeless to look your best. But still nothing to panic here we are giving you easy and quick makeup tips and ideas that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

Hair style:

The one easy and quickest hair do is having hair wash and blow it dry and leave it as such. In case you have already done away with this loose leaving of hair then comb it back and give a pony tail look, this perfectly matches if you have curly hair. But see to that you leave locks on either side of the cheeks. On e can as well add curls using a curler and leave it as such. This look will go striking with long gowns. The other easy one is ‘’updo,’’- just simply pull your hair back and knot it at the back, but this will look good only when it goes hand in hand with dress. When big hanging earrings are coupled with this ‘’updo’’ hairstyle for sure you will make ripples.


All your makeup ideas will go in vein when you don’t take proper care with lip making. Especially while choosing lipstick colors. Sporting dark colored lipsticks will give special look among people, more importantly in functions, this holds more true when you are attending evening or early night functions. Chose red shades mostly. Red colors give bold looks and can make you a star amongst all.

Eye makeup:

Suppose if you don’t like to add dark colors like red on lips then use the same colors to dazzle you eyes. Highlight your eyes using these bold colors. Use mascara and eyeliner to highlight the eye-makeup. But remember that you don’t use bold colors on lips when you use them on eyes as it gives odd look. Make it the opposite when you bold up your eye makeup mild up your lip makeup and vice versa.

Foot ware:

All the efforts of your hair, eye and lip make ups will go in vein when you don’t wear proper footwear. We chose special dresses for occasions and the same logic holds good even here. Remember people in parties not only look at your dress but they notice even your footwear sense. So make all possible ways to keep your feet really impeccable. If you prefer high heels add some dazzling stones on straps. This will enhance your beauty.

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