Major causes of women infertility

The rate of infertility in women is on rise these days due to lack of improper lifestyle and unhealthy environments. Apart from these there can also be some internal defects that lead to this condition. Whatever the reasons behind, it is always better to know the causes and treatment options to battle out infertility. Here we go with all the vital information needed to know about infertility in women.

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What is infertility?

To say it in normal terms, the inefficiency or inabilities to give birth though contraceptive or family planning means are not deployed. The reason might either be a man, woman or both for this condition. Normally when a woman doesn’t get conceived even after spending a year of active sex life then it is to be taken for infertility. There might be many reasons of infertility in women. In general infertility is classified into two:

1) Primary infertility:  This is a condition when a woman doesn’t get conceived even after spending 1 to 2 years of sex life.

2) Secondary infertility: This is the condition where the women are unable to get conceived for the second time.

Causes of infertility: There are more than few causes of infertility in women.

Deficiencies in reproductive system:

  • Either the womb is divided into two parts or it is relatively less in size than it should be.
  • The blockage of fallopian tubes.

These two are major reproductive system problems of women infertility.

Hormonal problems: Even improper functioning of hormones can also lead to infertility in women. Let us see them in brief.

  • LH, FSH and prolactin, these are the hormones responsible for production and fertility. When there is imbalance in one of them or all of them or few of them it can be a serious trouble.
  • Even misbalances and malfunctions of PCOD hormone can also be a major culprit. These conditions in PCOD lead to improper periods and though with proper periods the uterus size might be less.

Fallopian tube problems: These are mainly three.

1) Salpingitis: This is the effect of inflammation caused in the fallopian tube due to some kind of infection.

2) Ectopic pregnancy: This will take place when the embryo starts to develop at some point, say in, on or the fallopian tubes instead of developing in the womb (uterus).

3) Hydrosalpinx: In this condition the fallopian tubes get blocked due to formation of some form of fluid or serous. Infections, uterus problems, sexually transmitted diseases and TB are generally the causes behind this situation.

Uterus and vagina problems: These two hold 5 percent share in the reasons of infertility of women according to reports and sexologists.

  • The presence of more acid levels in the membrane layers present in vagina kills the sperms in vagina.
  • Cervical fibroids, adenomyosis and polyps.
  • Uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

Different causes of infertility:

Some other causes like age, lack of proper health and obesity can also lead to infertility. Generally after crossing 30 the chance of getting pregnant comes down.

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