Magnifying the beauty of rooms with different types of curtains

Rooms get beautified twice when they have good curtains in addition beautiful paints. Well designed and good colored curtains make the atmosphere lively. Here are curtain design tips and different curtain design ideas.

Different curtain designs:

Swag and jabot style:

This type of curtain suits well to any kinds of rooms. How many number of swags can be done depends on the length and size of a window. The swags can differ from single, double, triple or even more.

Tab top style:

These curtains are best option when you wish to focus windows as main focal point of attraction and have their own say in the interior decoration. The curtains can be easily attached to poles.

Pinch pleat style:

These curtains are good for any kind of room. The curtains have long life. They not only obstruct the sunlight well but also give privacy. One pleat normally needs something around 4 to 6 feet of cloth. These are also easy to close and open.

Lining style:

The lines in this style obstruct the sun rays from falling directly on the curtains. Normally the cloth used for this type of curtains gets shrunk, so it is better to decline. If you wish to keep the room warm make use of thermal lining curtains. These types of curtains are best suited for common rooms in the house.

Unlined curtains:

These are purely traditional type. One can use any kind of fabric to make these curtains. Both, heavy fabric and light weighted fabrics go well with this kind. These are best suited in rooms that are damp such as bathrooms and kitchens; they are also easy to wash.

Grommet top:

These kinds of curtains look similar to tab top styled curtains. Metal grommets or eyelets are used on upper part of the curtains. These eyelets are pressed to the curtain fabric and hanged to the poles with the help of hooks. Eyelets can be made by using plastic, metal or wood. Using of eyelets give added beauty to curtains.

Curtains with valance:

Curtains having valances look extremely attractive. These days one can find valances in different designs. Pleated valance, plain valance, and ruffled valance are some of them. One can chose them based on room color and preferences.

What type of curtains should be used for different types of rooms?

Not all the curtains and colors go well with all the rooms. They should be changed based on the location and color of the room. Here are few tips on choosing best curtain for different rooms in a home.

  1. When the room is placed in southern part of the home silk curtains suits the best.
  2. Vibrant and dazzling colors go well in northerly located rooms.
  3. Use large patterns if the windows are small.

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