Loneliness lessens life span and rises many health problems: Loneliness research

Loneliness is a curse, this what many say and also psychiatrists keep repeating. Yes, it is a curse both for mental and physical growth. Being alone is a kind of mental problem according to health experts. Not only is it an ailment in itself. It can as well raise many other health complications. This has been confirmed by many studies and also researchers. Here is the full report on negative health effects of loneliness.

If you feel alone and always feel to stay secluded then there is some problem with you that should not be neglected. Any negligence in repealing loneliness will bring you more troubles says the studies. The feeling of loneliness, sick and also the inability to mingle freely with others will affect your longevity of your life. This will bring down your lifespan drastically.

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Apart from the above deadly situation it will even lead to many health problems which you might have not even thought of. The health problems that arise due to loneliness range from obesity to diabetes. These facts were confirmed in the recently held study. The study was conducted under the leadership of Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Associate Professor of Psychology at the Brigham Young University located in USA.

The study also said that loneliness is as dangerous as obesity and it brings the same kind of health problems that obesity brings. The researchers of the study have also suggested people not to neglect social life and social relations. The study has also found that older people are suffering more from loneliness in comparison to young ones and this automatically affects their lifestyle and brings down their lifespan.

The one more important finding of this study is that the risks factors of loneliness that affect the lifespan have more effect on the younger generation than the older one.

The researchers of the study have also found that loneliness and lack of social life have led to more deaths in younger people. This has been found after making many varied researches and studies.

The studies have also said that there is a remarkable difference between loneliness and social isolation and that both are not one and the same. Loneliness is a feeling of isolation even when one is present in a group whereas social isolation is a situation where one deliberately isolates from the society or social mingling.

Despite this difference both have the same effect on people and have the same effect on influencing the lifespan of a person. So going by this study make an effort to stay in a group and be socially active if you wish a longer lifespan.

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