Llizarov surgery: The best surgery to increase height

A correct height gives good looks but not all are blessed with correct height. The height of any person depends not only on the way he is brought up but also depends more on genes. In case your parents are lesser in height then the chances are more that you will be less in height. The same holds good vice versa, in case your parents are more in height then you will be more in height. Being a little more in height or having correct height is not a problem. The problem arises when you are lesser in height. Unfortunately all the medical pills that boost of height increase are false. Even the workouts and diet can only help to some extent. The only way out is to go for height increasing surgeries. One such surgery is llizarov surgery method. Let us see all the facts associated with llizarov technique of increasing height.

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Llizarov surgery process:

1) The first and foremost thing involved in this treatment process is, the surgeons will break down tibia into two parts. Tibia is a shank or shin bone present below the knees.

2) Next leg is fitted with an implement called as llizarov fixator that has rods, steel rings and wires. This is useful in keeping the tibia steady. It fixes the two parts of the broken tibia steadily so that these bones stay tight without movements.

3) The external frame of the fixator is fixed in such a way that it creates 4 inches gap between the broken bones.

4) The bone starts to grow to fill up this gap of 4 inches between the bones. As a natural outcome the bone begins to grow 1 millimeter each day. This is natural process with the bones when they are broken.

The simple logic behind this treatment is to allow the bone to grow when it gets broken due to some reason say for example, a fracture. The human body starts to grow the bones, nerves and also the skin as part of recovery. So is the case when the bones are broken into two as part of the surgical process.

Duration of surgery:

This is a bit complicated and typical surgery and as such 3 hours of time is required for doing this surgery. Post the surgery the patient should be inpatient, which means he needs to stay in hospital for 5 days before getting discharged. Soon after discharge, the patient should be bedridden for nearly 3 to 4 months, so that the bones don’t get distracted.

Cost of Llizarov surgery:

This, as said above is typical surgery and so costs a little bit high. The surgery cost alone is something around $ US 10,000. The patient is incurred with some other costs such as medications, hospital costs and so on. The patent should also expend on physiotherapy costs for 3 months.

Complications involved in surgery:

Sometimes patient may face neurovascular problems and also may be prone to infections in the area where the implant is fitted.

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