Linen cloth care and washing tips for longer life

The latest clothing and fashion trend is Linen. It is one type of clothing that we see normally these days and it is no exaggeration if we say that one out of every three people sport Linen. The craze for them is due to the ease, comfort and also due to the style and looks it gives. It fits any body type and this is the specialty of this fabric. They are very light and transparent by nature and so go cool with any season.

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These give a royal look when you have a shaped body. Despite these many pros, one con is giving it a setback and that is, it is easily torn and has less life and it is also to be dry-cleaned, this adds to maintenance cost. When these can be kept aside one can enjoy the style and rich looks of this marvelous clothing. Well, if your complaint is also regarding the washing and durability here are few linen cloth care tips to follow. Let us see them to give more life to it.

White Linen is mostly used by many due to class touch of look it gives and when you need to wash white Linen cloth it is always a better move to prefer oxygen type bleach or else you will be devouring its life and also original whiteness of the fabric.

Excluding white color linen clothes all the other linen cloth washing can be done using bleach-less detergents. Not only this even the water you use should be checked properly before washing them. Use only lukewarm water and don’t use cold, hot or normal water.

While washing do not do the mistake of exerting more pressure nor be harsh while squeezing the clothes. Also, restrain from hitting the cloth to the floor or stone. The threads are woven very lightly in this kind of clothes and so they can easily get separated and this will lead to tearing up.

Once washing is done dry them very carefully under shade and also dry them in proper shape. This will make ironing of them easy for you.

Linen cloth ironing is a hectic task and in case you don’t have enough time to iron them you can fold them neatly in a plastic cover as soon as washing is completed and place them along with cover in a fridge for 6 to 24 hours. This way you can dry up the moist present in the clothes.

As soon as you find any stains on linen cloth first know whether it is due to oil or water. If it is due to water, take a damp cloth filled with mild detergent and rub the mark using it. If it is oil stain then consult an expert.

Your fabric care defines the longevity of the cloth.

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