Lemon verbena and its phenomenal uses

Herbs are treasure of nature and gift to humans in many ways. There are many herbal plants that have proven to be of medicinal use, culinary use and along with having beauty enhancement uses. One amongst such herb is ‘’Lemon verbena.’’ Its’ use is manifold and it is a nature’s gift to humans. The leaves of this herb have strong aroma and that is the reason it is used in aromatherapy and other medical purposes. Both the fresh leaves and the dried ones have pleasant smell for many days.

The plant grows flowers which are in purple and white colors. Lemon verbena is mostly grown for commercial purposes as it comes with many benefits. The oil derived from lemon verbena has many kinds of commercially good chemical components such as citral, nerol, and geraniol, which are responsible for its aromatic nature. It even has a component called as verbascoside that makes this herb a powerful antioxidant.

In this present article let us see some of the many lemon verbena uses.

  1. This herb is used in many natural aroma products since it gives pleasant smell to the products in which it is used.
  2. Due to its powerful antioxidant nature it acts effectively on nerve weakness and it is also highly helpful in beating stress effectively.
  3. The oil is extensively used in massages as it acts on muscle, body and joint pains effectively. It can as well be used to treat swellings. It even acts as a good medicine to increase muscle cell growth.
  4. As said earlier it can be used to increase immunity as it has a component called as verbascoside in it.
  5. It increases the rigidity of both cologne and digestive tract muscles.
  6. It even acts a sleep inducing agent and so many of the mental related ailments can be treated using it as sedative agent.
  7. Lemon verbena medicinal uses can also be seen with regards to the respiratory related problems. It can be used to cure throat related infections, cold and cough.
  8. The oil of it works wonders in treating light fever and fever associated with chills.
  9. In many countries this herb is used as tea as it has good taste. Tea made of lemon verbena is good on digestive system as it improves digestion.
  10. The essential oils derived from it are used in many of the perfume products.
  11. It even has many culinary uses; it is used in many recipes and beverages as adding it gives good taste and pleasant smell.
  12. The oils, stems and leaves of this herb can be used in homes to give pleasant smell. They are also good mosquito repellants.
  13. This herb can be easily used in home gardening as it is easy to grow and needs little space.
  14. It is widely used in beers and wines as it is sedative by nature.

The above are only few benefits we have listed, one can reap many benefits from this magical herb to get both health and beauty.

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