Latest research on arthritis says arthritis can cause death

‘Arthritis’ it has been a worry for both patients and physicians alike…while patients suffer from pain physicians suffer on how to cure pain. Till now we have known arthritis as a chronic disease that brings pain but the new research on arthritis says it is not only the cause of pain but is also a cause of death. The recent studies say that the number of deaths due to arthritis is increasing day by day than that of heart attack. So now it’s time to change the notion that many deaths are the cause of heart attack.

As per the current research on arthritis that appeared in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases the death rates of people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) were in fact more than twice in comparison to people who had no RA. The study was based on the study conducted by the researchers at Harvard University.

The research also published even something scarier. Lot many people suffering from RA have Rheumatoid Factor, a type of protein. Rheumatoid Factor is an indicator to test the severity of how badly you are suffering from arthritis. Despite the blood test, in case the RA causes serious pain in you then it may indicate the presence of Rheumatoid Factor.

The same Harvard University research members also found that nine out of 10 people having Rheumatoid Factor had met death not exceeding more than 2 years that they were being followed.

How does Arthritis Kill?

Most of the arthritis experts have taken a new shift and are saying that arthritis is not only a disease but it is a sign of some disease too. Putting it in other words, generally people in good shape don’t fall prey to arthritis.

However, on the other hand people who are suffering from arthritis are highly more vulnerable to infections, stroke and heart attacks in comparison to normal people.

This is the reason why experts say curing arthritis alone while not taking into account the overall health condition in general is a foolish thing. Even patients who cure arthritis with medicines die on equal rate as people who do not cure their disease.

At the end the core line is one should holistically cure the arthritis if one wants to lower the risk of death.

Some remedies for arthritis:

Lose weight: All kinds of arthritis noticeably get better with every drop in additional pounds. Additionally one can as well save the body from risking to heart disease, depression, diabetes to boot.

Shed off “Trigger Foods”: There are some foods that trigger arthritis. Cut on those foods, check for the trigger foods and avoid them.

Eat More Sea Food: One common food to stop inflammation that arises from more than 100 kinds of arthritis is sea food. The all vital omega-3s present in sea foods such as salmon and mackerel bring down inflammation.

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