Latest Apple products that will hit the market in 2018

2017 was spectacular for Apple and the company has also decided to make this year a spectacular one. It has an array of products that will be hitting the market in 2018, from Mac Pro to HomePod. Here, we will see the list of most waited Apple products of 2018.

Mac Pro:

Well, we received iMac Pro at the close of last year but still, our wait isn’t over and we want the reorganized Mac Pro. Let’s have some patience as it is going to be available at some point in this year.

Mac Pro take-offs are always stirring as they are simply superb high-end pieces of machinery, however, this particular one is highly desired because:

  • we are aware that it is going to have a total floor-up restructure due to fundamental thermal problems with the previous one.
  • And, Apple expressed regrets for ignoring Pro customers and determined to do the best for them in coming days.

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iPhone XI:

It is hard to understand the iPhone X, the bold, adventuresome launch that totally is not perfect, however, it has many things correct. Nonetheless, early rumor advocates that the tech giant is moving ahead with some astonishing changes. Few guess the iPhone 2018 or iPhone XI (also iPhone X Plus) will possess an amazing 6.5 inches’ screen. This is literally a tablet.

Apple Watch Series 4

The previous year wasn’t much that great for Apple watch series, however, Apple isn’t such a company that will leave it as such and as we know technology is to change and will fluctuate between drawbacks and innovations. And Apple is set to remove the drawbacks and move ahead with innovations for Series 4, which will release this year. It is expected to provide a better upgrade than its predecessor.


Apple fulfilled our dream of wireless charging and now its ready again to fulfil our another dream. AirPower, an inbuilt charging pad from the company, though will be more costly than its competitors it is still a good bargain.

The AirPower, a white mat quite good enough to hold 3 devices (iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch) at a time is even the foremost wireless charger gifted to carry 3 devices at once.

Most interestingly, it has the capacity to logically control the charging arrangement by letting all compatible gadgets to ‘communicate’ amongst each other.


This, actually was slated to roll out in the last month of the last year, but, for some unknown reason, it got postponed to this year. Better late than never, this Apple product is the first of its kind and will be the competitor for voice-controlled speakers of Amazon and Google. Never the less, the product will focus less on AI and more on audio quality.

So, all the tech freaks get ready this year to experience the best 2018 Apple products.

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