Lack of sleep will no more be with these foods

Lack of sleep or also called as insomnia in medical terms has become common due to many reasons for many, one of the reason might be the diet. Taking some kinds of foods will lead to lack of sleep while some type of food will assist in having better sleep. Here is the list of foods for sleep deprivation.


These are one good nut for better sleep as they have magnesium that improves muscle relaxation and sleep. In addition to almonds they even supply proteins to the body; the body needs correct amounts of proteins to have balanced blood sugar levels during sleep, apart from assisting in proper sleep by assisting the digestive system. Take a tbsp of almond butter each night or 1ounce of almonds for better sleep.


One precaution to be taken with tea is all the caffeine kinds should be avoided during late hours. But one can prefer few decaf varieties such as Chamomile tea that is highly useful to make one sleep faster. Green tea is also one good prefer as it has theanine that improves sleep. But be sure to prefer decaffeinated teas before hitting beds.

Miso soup:

Miso soup is also one of the best foods for sleep. It is always handy to keep miso soup packets if you are lacking sleep. It has amino acids which may increase the creation of melatonin, which is a hormone that may assist in better sleeps. They even help in fighting daily ailments such as cough and cold.


Taking a banana each night before hitting sacks is also good for sleep. Bananas are highly exceptional source of potassium and magnesium. The body needs both of these, magnesium and potassium to clam stressed muscles. They even have tryptophan that converts to melatonin and serotonin, the brain’s main calming hormones. Taking a banana milk shake or soy milk banana shake is also one good option.


Milk, yogurt and cheese all of them have tryptophan in addition to calcium, a pro-sleep nutrient. Calcium effectively reduces stress and stabilizes the nerve fibers, inclusive of those present in brain. So is it not an easy way to consume any of the above dairy products to get good sleep in addition to relaxing the nerves.


We all eat oatmeal as part of breakfast but have you ever known eating it at bedtime too is good as it is one sleep inducing food, but be careful you don’t add too much of sugar in it. It has rich amounts of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicon, all of which are vital for good sleep. Apart from containing all these they are also soothing and take less time for preparation.

Hardboiled egg, Edamame, Cherries and Cereal too are some good options for better sleep. So eat these and have eye full sleep at nights and keep yourselves fit and strong in the mornings.

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