knowing and curing fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is nothing but muscle pain. It is of two types, the first is primary and in this case the muscle pain is not caused by other external reasons while the second one is secondary and the muscle pain is the result of some other causes or some kind of diseases. Here we shall know the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and also homeopathic treatments for fibromyalgia.

The signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia:

•    Inflammation and pain of muscles.

•    A sense of prickle in muscles.

•    Fatigue and tired feeling soon after waking up.

•    Pain in the neck, backbone, and shoulders.

•    Lack of stamina in the body.

•    Feeling of muscle tightness in the mornings.

•    Lack of sleep

•    Headache

•    Excitement

•    Lack of interest in anything.

•    Constipation and motions.

•    Giddiness.

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Causes of fibromyalgia:

•    Thyroid problems

•    Anemia

•    Adrenal problems.

•    Lack of sufficient amounts of calcium in the body.

•    Neuropathic disorders or nerve related problems.

•    Diabetes.

•    Urinary frequency.

How to diagnose fibromyalgia:

•    T3, T4, TSH

•    CBP, CSR


•    Serum and calcium tests

•    Sleep apnea tests

•    Adrenal gland tests

Homeopathic medicines for fibromyalgia:

Rhus Tox:

This is highly useful in treating pains that are the result of hectic work or lifting of some heavy material. This acts effectively on joint and muscle pains.


It is also highly useful to treat fibromyalgia. It acts effectively on muscle pains, anxiety, depression, dryness of tongue and constipation. It also acts on gas problems, indigestion and heart related problems. It can as well be used to treat sciatica and abdominal pains. This is highly useful for people who are black in color and also have stiff body.


This is highly useful in treating pains that arise due to some accident or some fractures. It is also useful in treating bruising and swelling. This is well known as overworked muscle remedy. It works effectively on muscular problems.


This is highly useful in treating rheumatic pains. Vertigo pains, fatigue, waist pain, hand pains and neck pains can also be treated effectively.


This medicine is highly useful in effecting the pains present near joints and the membranes present near joints. It acts effectively on muscle too. It works wonders on waist and abdomen pains.

Formica Rufa:

This is good medicine for strained muscles, constipation, and pains associated with prickling sensation. It is also good for curing anxiety and depression.

NOTE: All these medicines should be taken only under the guidance of able homeopathy practitioner.

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