Know the health benefits of different fruits

We know fruits are good to health and eating them daily without fail is one way to stay longer and healthier. But do you know what type of fruit has what kind of benefit on health? Might be you are not aware of it; this is why we have taken strains to let you know on different fruits and their benefits. Here are fruits and their health benefits.

1) Grapes are treasure house to vitamin C and antioxidants. They have all the vital nutrients needed by the body such as minerals, proteins, phytochemicals, and fiber, which are all highly beneficial to health. Grapes are highly useful in obstructing heart related problems and clotting of blood. It also lowers blood pressure.

2) One of the well known fruit is apple and the saying, ‘’an apple a day keeps doctor away,’’ is absolutely perfect for this fruit as it is high in health factors due to rich amounts of antioxidants. It controls diabetes along with obstructing asthma. It is one natural mouth freshener and fights bad breath effectively.

3) Avocados are another health friendly fruits and help in managing the cholesterol levels of body.

4) Berries of all kinds are highly good for health and especially blackberries as they assist in fighting different varieties of cancer. They are highly effective in obstructing lung cancer. They even fight pain associated with gout.

5) Banana is one more important fruit that gives instant energy. This fruit is one amongst the fruits that has high amounts of potassium. Potassium controls blood pressure.

6) Eating blueberries is one easy way to give the body fiber. It is also high in antioxidants and helps in fighting Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases that are common in old age.

7) Cherries that look beautiful in red color are also beautiful for health. They have the nature of obstructing many kinds of diseases easily due to vitamin C in them. The two diseases that can easily be controlled by eating this fruit are pains associated with gout and arthritis.

8) Fig fruits are loaded with rich amounts of potassium, calcium and irons that are vital for good health.

9) Goji berries though not famous are really good on health. They are called as nutrient power house and have 6 types of vitamins and more than 20 types of minerals along with full packed antioxidants. These are highly useful in treating diabetes.

10) Kiwi fruit, the name is not only sweet; even it is sweet and assists in keeping the bones strong. They are also highly useful in giving healthy teeth and gums. They obstruct triglycerides that cause heart diseases.

11) Papaya is one fruit that is good for digestion and also helps in preventing constipation. The black seeds in them can be used to dress recipes in place of black pepper.

12) Pineapple is also useful in digestion. The natural enzymes in them obstruct blood clotting. They also help in easy and quick healing of injuries on body.

We have said on health benefits of various fruits and more importantly on the benefits of each fruit in detail, so chose a fruit according to your health.

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