Know the Features and Detailed Technical Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop

The newest member of Microsoft family – the new Surface Pro Laptop is ready for preorders and the company says it will ship the product on 15th of next month. It is just gorgeous. The design, the neat lines, and shaped edges are so beautiful to touch and see. The iconic look and feel of previous Surface Pros are present in it, however, has been totally remade from the inside out. 99% of the interior space has been used in addition to filling it with more than 800 new custom parts to give the user exactly what he wants.

microsoft surface pro laptop

This vibrant laptop has a battery backup of nearly 13.5 hours and with this in effect does anyone still need a charger to carry always. The battery life is 50% more in comparison to Surface Pro 4 and 35% more than an iPad Pro. It can be called a powerhouse laptop and comes with 2.5 times more computing abilities than the Surface Pro 3 and 1.7 times more than the iPad Pro’s compute. The new entrant’s hinge has a total 165-degree range of motion, which lets you immerse completely in “Studio Mode”, an angle that is simply perfect for sketching, writing, and drawing everywhere and anytime.

This is the lightest Surface Pro ever brought to life, beginning at just 1.7lbs and 8.5mm thin. Looks like it is lighter than most of the bags you carry.

Shipped with the most enhanced 7th generation Intel Core processor it is destined to handle almost all your works that you give it, however, even with all that power, the user can as not noticeable as he/she wishes with Surface Pro, since it is the quietest Surface as of now, with no fan present on the Core™ m3 and the i5 models. To be more real, this is the first i5 on earth without fan architecture. And at an unparalleled 18dB, even the core i7 cannot be heard. So, if you are working at the house, you do not have to think regarding your family getting disturbed by the fan’s noise.

Surface Pro isn’t only softer acoustically, it is even visually softer. The cameras are made to get faded into the bezel providing Surface Pro an inviting, streamlined and sleek look.

Surface Pro’s highest resolution 12.3” PixelSense™ Display with 267ppi and 3:2 aspect ratio went further extended this time. Surface Pro’s PixelSense Display has impressive 50% additional pixels than a 12” MacBook. Custom silicon, the PixelSense Accelerator has been developed to enhance color. The colors will be highly precise, vibrant, and impactful than ever, and just like with Studio, a color-switcher is provided, so that you can go from SRGB to enhanced color within seconds.

The enhancements in battery life, presentation, pen, and ink are not the end. LTE Advanced has been added available in units shipping later this year. This combination of battery, performance, LTE, and sleek design has never been made before in this thin and light package. Now people can study, work, and collaborate online from anywhere. Use Surface Pro accessories such as Pen, Dial and other latest keyboard to give an edge to Surface Pro Laptop. Buy it using Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Promo Code.

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