Know the cause of pimples to treat them effectively

Even one small pimple on the face can do away the beauty of even the most gorgeous woman present on earth. As per reports, 80 percent of people are suffering from pimples. These pimples come and go on their own except in few cases and this is the reason why dermatologists are trying a new mode of treatments for stubborn pimples that don’t go away easily.

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What causes pimples?

There are many reasons that can easily lead to pimples, but the following are main causes.

•    Improper lifestyle

•    Improper food intake

•    Mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress

•    Hormone imbalance

•    Certain kind of medicines taken for long time

•    Even the skin type affects the level and onset of pimples. While certain skin types are less prone to pimples some are more prone

•    Some kind of foods injected with hormones such as few types of dairy and poultry products

•    Sometimes malfunctions of liver too can lead to pimples

•    One condition specific to women alone includes PSOD condition

•    Sensitivity of skin to certain kind of external factors such as dust, water allergies and also climate condition can lead to pimples

Apart from these above infections too can lead to pimple evolution. As per modern medical sciences, there are two main reasons for pimples.

1)    When the skin pores get blocked pimples start growing and these kinds of pimples can be treated by applying retinoid creams.

2)    The second types are caused due to infections that might be the cause of many things and this kind of pimples can be treated by applying anti-bacterial creams. Even these cannot cure the pimples when the infection is heavy and deep rooted in the skin. This kind of situation needs antibiotics to reduce pimples. Even these antibiotics have to be taken for long time and still the cure cannot be guaranteed.

Treatment for pimples:

•    There are many treatments available to treat pimples and they differ from person to person. Even the cause, nature and severity will determine the treatment process.

•    If the cause is due to hormones then hormonal treatment should be made to that extent to stop the growth.

•     Pimples can also be treated at home if the severity is not high and there are many homemade remedies to treat pimples. One such product is sandalwood, turmeric and also neem oil.

•    Well, when routine treatments don’t work it is better to seek the advice of the dermatologist and act accordingly.

•    As said above even stress and anxiety too can lead to pimples and in this situation do all that you can to reduce it so that pimples see a setback.

Whatever the reasons and treatments pimples, in general, are common and get away by themselves as age progresses.

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