Know fatty liver in detail and save your liver

With changed lifestyle and bad eating habits, liver problems are on the rise. The main reasons behind increased liver problems are increased intake of oil and fat foods and lack of physical strain. They have become as common as diabetes, obesity and thyroid. Amongst many problems and health disorders the liver faces, fatty liver is the most common one. Here are the things you need to know about fatty liver or fatty liver disease.

What is fatty liver?

To say in simple terms accumulation of fats in the liver through various ways is known as fatty liver. Liver is located on the right side of the abdomen and is the biggest gland in the body and has a key role to play in digestion.

The more amount of sugar present in the food you take the more amount of it gets accumulated in the liver, which gets turned into energy in the later process. Excluding the sugars that turn into energy the remaining amount of sugar present in it turns into fats. When this situation continues for a longer time the liver loses its functionality of converting sugar into energy and as such fat gets accumulated more and more. This situation is nothing but fatty liver.

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Stages of fatty liver: There are 3 stages in fatty liver; during the first stage fat gets accumulated in the liver cells. The second stage is called as NASH and to a certain extent liver gets damaged. Even the liver cells get damaged. In the third stage, liver is affected with cirrhosis, which means the cells present in the liver become completely functionless and the kidney loses its shape. The third stage is very dangerous.

Causes of fatty liver:

•    Presence of more carbohydrates in the food you take.

•    Consumption of more fatty foods.

•    Smoking and drinking.

•    Improper eating habits and obesity.

Symptoms of fatty liver: Generally no symptoms and signs are associated with fatty liver, so the only way to know if you have fatty liver is to go for ultrasound scanning. However, in general, pain can be noticed in the upper right part of the stomach. Sometimes people experience pain when non-vegetarian and oil foods are consumed.

Diagnosis of fatty liver:

•    Ultrasound scanning.

•    Abdomen scanning.

•    Liver function test.

•    Liver biopsy test.

•    Even diabetes and cholesterol levels should be checked.

Precautions to take for fatty liver:

•    All the steps should be taken to reduce weight.

•    Healthy eating habits should be developed.

•    Stay away from foods high in cholesterol.

•    Eat more of wheat products and cereals should be taken more.

•    Stay away from drinking.

•    Keep diabetes under control.

These, in general, are the precautions one should take if one is suffering from fatty liver. Any negligence will lead to serious impairments of health and even may lead to deadly complications beginning from jaundice to liver cancers.

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