Key to health is happiness says a study

Happiness is strength. Happiness is wealth. Happiness is health. Happiness is might and yes happiness is life in totality. We heard it from elders, we heard it from spiritual leaders and we have seen it in many books. Well, still some don’t believe this and if you are also the one who thinks happiness is nothing then it is high-time you come away from that thought as recent study has confined that happiness is one thing that gives everything in life. Here are the main points of the study.

The study has researched nearly 12,291 Americans and have found out the below points.

1) According to the study happiness is not what we are feeling about our lives it is how happy we are emotionally.

2) The study has revealed that though many rich people say they are happy they actually are not.

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3) The participants have also expressed that though money cannot buy happiness it can easily evade sorrows.

4) Though most of the people in rich cluster are unhappy few of them have said that they are happy since they have all the assets and resources to meet any kind of need and emergencies and this leads to peace of mind and confidence to face any kind of situation for them in life.

5) The study has also revealed that happiness depends on what we expect from life.

Well if these were the findings of American study now it’s time to see some other findings of different studies conducted at different times in different countries. Even these studies have also emphasized on the importance of happiness in life.

1) As per one more study people who are really happy spend less than 30 percent of time before televisions while people who are not happy spend more than 20 percent of their time before TVs. The same study has also noted that people who could adapt to whatever situation and incident in life were happier than the ones who had no adaptability to changed circumstances.

2) As per another study unhappy people had more time at their disposal. The study has also noted that unhappy people had 51 percent spare time than the happy ones. The study also said that the happy people had only 19 % free time with them.

3) Some other common findings of few more studies include:

  • Married people are happier than the ones without marriage.
  • Senior citizens are happier than the youth in any nation.
  • Having some kind of spiritual thoughts will lead to more happiness.
  • People who stay with friends and family are happier than those who stay all alone.
  • People with positive set of mind are happier in comparison to pessimistic people.

So going by all these, what did you understand? Simple, happiness is all what you think and what you feel?

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