Junk food is bad for pregnancy warns Australian doctors

Doctors from Australia have warned that eating junk food may lead to many problems with pregnancy. They warned that eating junk food before getting pregnancy and during pregnancy can lead to many complications. Many studies have authenticated that junk food is one of the first foods that finds place in pregnancy diet restrictions food as it can be one factor for not getting pregnancy.

As per them, eating junk foods before getting conceived can lead to lessened chances of getting pregnant and also eating them after getting pregnancy can lead to premature delivery (Delivery before 9 months or 30 weeks). Going by all these facts, by now each and every woman would have understood that the only way to get pregnancy and also to stay fit post pregnancy is to avoid junk foods at the earliest. Eating of junk foods during pregnancy is also bad for child growth both in womb and post delivery says the doctors.

A healthy pregnancy diet menu plays a key role not only in getting you conceived but also post delivery health. Nutritionists’ advocate taking of more meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits in place of sugar foods, oily substances and foods more in fat. Junk food can cause complications in delivery; a good diet habit is pre-condition for normal delivery. Many of the health problems in children are the cause of premature delivery of child, which is the direct result of consumption of junk food. One should stay off from eating junk foods 6 months before one decides to get pregnancy.

The doctors have also said that woman who ate high protein food had lesser chances of premature delivery than those had not. On the other hand woman who had high sugar foods, cakes, biscuits, chips and fat rich foods have faced difficulty during delivery.

The doctors have advocated that it is highly mandate to eat fiber and protein food if one wishes to forego problems such as complications in delivery and health issues both in child and mother. The minute the woman decides to give birth to a child she should start inculcating healthy eating habits and keep an eye on pregnancy diet restrictions as it tremendously affects the health of child and mom. Inculcating good diet habits will lessen infant deaths, pregnant deaths and also delivery deaths said the doctors.

Premature children can easily have lot many health problems such as cerebral falsie, asthma and other respiratory related problems. The chances are also high that children can be born deaf, dumb and blind. The birth of child before 30 weeks (premature) has been the major cause of respiratory problems in children according to doctors.

The one way for healthy children is to prevent immature delivery by stopping junk food consumption and following healthy food diet plan. Doing so will lead to normal deliveries and happy growth of families.

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