Is your internship really worth it….

Every year students after passing out with a year round hard work get excited and hope to find an internship in some top rated company. But do you know there is always the other side of the coin? Before you get into some internship here are the things that you should know about internship and how to make the most of your internship. Here we go with what to look for and demand in an internship.

Unpaid internships should not be encouraged:

Many of the students are under the belief that demanding pay for an internship will ruin their chances of being an intern. Actually this is a myth. No company with some standards and ethics will force fresh generation for free. In fact, paid internships will bring a sense of belongingness to the company and will encourage interns to work more and with care. If the internship is not paid it is always better to quit the program as soon as that. This should be followed without any delay if your financial status doesn’t provide you for free work. Learn the work and quit with confidence.

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You are not a pantry staff:

Remember you are here to learn work. You are an intern to suffix your theories learnt in colleges with practical knowledge. The sole motto of any intern should be to gain practical knowledge and real time working scenarios. This alone is your duty and you are not into any office to play the role of staff functions. You need not do any work that is below your level and that does not support your knowledge.

No stipend-ask for some other benefits:

Not all companies can afford stipend. This is understandable to some extent. But still no company is that economically unsound where it can’t afford some other basic amenities such as free pickups, providing a meal or for that matter giving you travel expenses when you are out of station on office work. You can definitely ask for such small things once you are comfortable with your surroundings.

Not more than 6 months:

Unless in the special cases internship that exceeds 6 months is no use. Most of the time, you are wasting your valuable time repeating the same work by extending the internship for more than 6 months so get out as soon as that. Your aim as an intern is to learn the work as soon as that and land up in some company. If you are under the impression that associating long with the company will open your doors for your employment in the same office then you are bullying yourself.

Don’t get away with promises:

Here we don’t mean not to trust the company that has offered you the internship. But it is always better to be on safer side. No matter whatever the company has promised you it is also a better idea to search for some other alternative so that you are not in a deadlock situation when something goes wrong.

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