Is your cellulite diet plan having these 5 foods

Cellulite is a kind of sub-dermal fat deposits that accumulates particularly on thighs, buttocks and hips in general. It commonly affects women more than men. It definitely gives embarrassing looks when summer shorts and swim suits are worn. Many underlying factors such as imbalanced hormones, exposure of the body to environmental hazards, presence of toxins in the body and smoking can cause cellulite. Despite these many reasons at play we have many ways to treat it naturally, and one natural treatment is to follow anti-cellulite foods such as the ones mentioned below.

1) Water:

The one best thing to do without fail if you wish to battle cellulite seriously is to keep the body hydrated. Lack of sufficient water in the body might lead to toxins accumulation in body apart from slowing the process of metabolism. Reduced metabolism can cause difficulty in burning the deposited fats, one of the main causes for cellulite. Dehydration can also lead to thinner skin. Consuming sufficient water all through the day will flush the toxins away, increase the metabolism and also plump up skin.

2) Cucumber:

Cucumber is one veggie that is highly filled with water and this alone is good enough to battle out cellulite effectively and easily. Eating cucumber is nothing but drinking water in solid form. It helps the body to remain hydrated all the day. It even has one more advantage on skin, it gives healthy and nourished skin as it is high in vitamins and minerals that are especially good on skin.

3) Flax seed:

These seeds can be good battling agents against cellulite. They also nurture the skin along with cellulite reduction as they have good amounts of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). These EFAs enhance the skin’s elastic nature apart from helping to restore hormones balance. They even give an array of minerals and vitamins that will support goodness of the skin and overall health in general.

4) Tomato paste:

These are high in Lycopene, a kind of antioxidant that fights many disorders including oxidative damage specifically. It will also obstruct the breakage of collagen which keeps the skin tight and youthful. Lycopene will even promote renewal of the skin cells. Though one can get this antioxidant from tomatoes, tomato paste should be used more as it has concentrated form of it.

5) Gelatin:

This is the best source of collagen that is found naturally. It maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin apart from assisting the connective tissues below the skin. Health of the connective tissues is important to lower the cellulite. Gelatin is found in Jello and yogurts.

Having said all, now it’s your turn to eat more of these foods to reduce cellulite effectively and naturally. Fighting cellulite not only improves inner health but will also give sexy outer looks.

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