Is office romance safe

We don’t know when cupid strikes us and when it strikes in office it will be more embarrassing to manage workplace romances issues. One side you will have your love moving around you which you can’t resist and the other side you have your professional life which will warn you. Don’t worry you are not only the one who faces this situation. There are many and it is common for all of us to face this situation and if you are also under this situation then here are the tips on how to handle the situation.

Don’t get carried away with a married one:

It is just natural for many of us to get infatuated with married ones. In fact, love has nothing to do with marriage according to psychologists. But efforts made to impress and get close to married one can get you in trouble as not all office love affairs are safe. Since you both share a good relation and have intimacy doesn’t mean you can take chances to win a personal relation. If it happens, let it happen but don’t force the things to such an end where your professional life is at stake.

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Never mail using company accounts:

When you have lot many ways to communicate with each other why do you need your office communication accounts to get in touch with your love. There is always a chance for your office admins to peek into your official accounts and as such your chances of getting revealed are high. So better avoid using all the office communication setups.

Never dramatize the relation at office:

Everything seems fair when no one knows the relation but when it starts spreading then you are inviting troubles without your notice. Your office is meant for working and not for romancing. No matter however secretly you romance chances are that you will be caught by someone and when this happens you can imagine the bizarre situation that you face. And on sad note such things spread faster than fire. Now decide for yourself whether you would like to keep your relation under the wraps or make it a hot gossip in the office.

Never display your love at work:

Love is such a thing which doesn’t care for surroundings. We know and everyone knows this. But still public display of affection is not a thing that wins the appreciation of all and more importantly it is true in office. It is always fine to exchange love and talks now and then but if it is a permanent do then you are inviting trouble. Long talks and too much physical intimacy will not only disturb your workflow but will also disturb the mood of others.

Well at times you can end up getting intimate with someone who is seeking personal favors and this is the zenith of ruining your career. Be careful with such workplace romance problems and have a growing career ahead.

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