Is green tea safe? Not always…..

For many of us green tea is synonym to health. Yes of course it is but not at all times. Its marvelous health benefits have made it a super drink among the public. But unfortunately even it has darker side which many of us are not aware. Here we go with green tea dangers…..

1) Caffeine is present in it too:

We are not denying the fact that caffeine is present voluminously in coffee, but the fact is that even green tea has caffeine in it but in lesser levels. If you are under the impression that you are giving health to body by repeated consumption of green tea then you are absolutely wrong as you are increasing the caffeine, which is bad to health. Say for instance you are drinking nearly 3 to 5 cups of green tea in a day then you are inviting health hazards due to increased caffeine levels. The health problems associated with too much green tea in take are insomnia, nausea, upset stomach, increased urination and diarrhea. So the next time you come across these blame green tea.

2) Does not go well with pregnant and lactating women:

All the women dream of pregnancy and breastfeeding their children post birth. But be careful with green tea it can be an obstacle to turn your dream into reality. As per many studies consumption of green tea in high quantities can lead to augmented chances of miscarriages along with good number of green tea risks. Pregnant and lactating women should limit the consumption of green tea to two cups per day. The health experts also advice that foregoing green tea completely is best for lactating mothers as chances are that caffeine present in it can pass to children through breast milk, thereby causing problems to infants.

3) Interferes with medications:

Probably this should come as a shock to you if we say that green tea obstructs the medicines to carry on their duties. Since ages we have seen only one thing and that green tea obstructs cancer which according some studies is shear myth. The polyphenols present in green tea that are famous for healing properties actually obstruct the anticancer qualities of bortezomib, a drug used to cure cancer.

4) It is a big NO during fasting:

Consumption of green tea during fasting will lead to toxicity according many studies. This even includes liver, gastrointestinal and renal toxicities. So if you are under the impression that consuming green tea will substitute the loss of nutrition due to dieting then you are in wrong conception. Just avoid green tea during the days you diet.

5) Iron Deficiency:

You might not heed to us if we say too much consumption green tea leads to iron deficiency but it is the fact. It has tannins that can block the iron absorption from the foods and supplements we take.

6) Osteoporosis:

Too much consumption of green tea increases flushing of calcium through urine. We all know the after effects too much calcium flush out.

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