‘Internet snatches childhood,’ says the studies

The years spent in childhood is decreasing for all the children of the globe day by day due to the increased usage of internet irrespective of the fact whether the country is either developed, developing or under developing.

As per the studies conducted in 196 countries, 152 countries have stated that internet affects children and that the childhood for their children has come down to minimum 10 or 12 years of age. Parents have expressed solitude that the children are putting a stop to their childhood even before they attain teenage, which is one of the deadliest negative effects of internet on children.

This situation is the outcome of three factors mainly: 1) Parents, teachers and 3) the children themselves due to increased spending of time on internet. The study has also pointed out that 85% percent of the children across the globe know what sex and are also experimenting on sex by the age of 10. This tendency unfortunately is also increasing in some of the poorest countries from Africa. Children are increasingly getting interested in the opposite sex and are also meeting their liked ones secretly said Netmoms, a website. The pornographic literature and videos have become extensively available for children in countries such as America, France, Japan and Germany. They are also becoming conscious of physical looks and beauty even before they are aged 10. More than 16 percent of children aged below 10 are trying to follow and implement the lifestyle of celebrities, which they have learnt through internet.

Even there is a decreased outdoor physical activity among children due to increased beauty consciousness. The means of developing and fostering friendship has taken new routes. The only means for children to stay connected these days is through internet means such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites. There is an increased amount of sex chat in communications and the chat time has extended to mid-nights.

There is decrease in the amount of time spent on sports for both the genders due to the thought that they may lose beauty due to increased roaming in sun. Having a friend from opposite gender has become a status symbol for children aged between10 to 13.

The increased net using has also lead to lessened time spent on reading books and visiting relatives. The only way for modern children is to spend more time by watching movies, listening music or spending time on internet. The more embarrassing fact is that either they do the just mentioned activities or stay all alone in homes which might prove fatal in the days to come says the experts.

The studies have also said that thinking of childhood and childhood related matters is a bygone thing in new generation and all their focus is on beauty and sex, which is a dangerous turnout.

All in all the studies have confirmed that negative effects of technology on child development are on high and the childhood these days ends by the time one reaches 10-13 years, Keeping all the facts in mind it is high time for parents to stop worrying and act accordingly.

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