Instagram app-the new way to share your special moments!

If you are someone who is interested in gadgets and apps, then you must have heard about Instagram, the latest in the digital world if not used. In simple words, it is a social networking app, which is exclusively designed for sharing photographs and videos from an apple phone alone. Lately, Instagram is also available for Android as well as Blackberry users, which wasn’t the case in the beginning. You can get Instagram in almost 7 languages. Since its launch it has become one of the most popular apps among people who love to socialize over the internet. Here are few features that might make you interested in the app, if you do not have much idea about the same.

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You can create an account just like FaceBook and Twitter

Simply download the app and create an account and design your profile the way you want to. You can also signup if you have a Facebook account with the same username and password. You can add photographs that you have taken from your smartphone instantly as profile picture or can also share the photographs with your friends. Use the app to take photos and have them posted on your profile. Anyone who follows you can also see you in their feed and you can also have the same for those whom you follow. Though you need your device to upload photos, you can however watch them later on from web.

Apply filters or edit posts on Instagram

Compared to the earlier version, Instagram has been developed when it comes to share posts as well as apply filters. You can upload from your device, or post through the app, and you can get several filter options, can tweak and also edit everything that you wish. There are almost 24 filters for photos and almost 13 for uploading videos. You can also adjust brightness, edit features and also cover frames if it is a video.

How to share your photographs and videos

Visual sharing is the basis of Instagram and hence you must take the golden opportunity to do so within your circles. Apply filters, edit your stuff, tag others and also your personal Instagram photo map, and complete posting to others through social networks. If you want to share photos already posted in Facebook or Twitter, configure your twitter account accordingly. You can also remove the photograph if you want as well. Interestingly you can take photo within the Instagram app and may also restrict the viewers if you want. Manipulation with the photographs is also possible, with the help of the respective filters, which can make an ordinary photo look extraordinary.

Create communities through the app

You can also create communities with all the Instagram users as you can in the other social networking sites. Group photo uploading and sharing is highly possible though it and one can enjoy every moment of its presence with the app if properly utilized. Share your special moments with special people in your life and enjoy the fullest!

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