Increasing these foods is decreasing sex life

Almonds and dark chocolate are good aphrodisiac and the list goes on. We take every care in knowing the foods that increase sex drive but unfortunately that care is not shown to know the foods that are bad for libido. Here are the foods to avoid before sex. Avoid them to increase sex life

Artificial Sweeteners:

These have aspartame, a substance that troubles serotonin, a hormone in the body that is responsible for happiness and good mood, it also acts on libido. Apart from this aspartame can also cause other ill effects like irritation, headaches, insomnia, and anxiety disorders. So the next time you visit the groceries prefer to stuff your bags with natural sweeteners such as jiggery or honey to keep your sex life and also health on good track.

Corn flakes:

Corn flakes are highly anti-aphrodisiac in nature. If rumors are true, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg made corn flake cereal to lessen the sex drive in people. Going by this one can prefer this flakes if you wish to spoil the sex life.

Cheese &more:

All the dairy items one gets from the market now-a-days are no more natural. The high-fat products from dairy like cheese might cause much damage to the body. Too much consumption of these products will encourage toxins that can mingle with the manufacturing of the estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, which are naturally produced mood lifting hormones. Accumulation of these dangerous toxins in the body can even lead to sexual disorders in acute cases.


Having a coffee cup in hand and sipping it in the early hours can improve happy mood and make your day but when it is taken in heavy content it can increase stress hormones like cortisol in the body. High intake of caffeine can lead to hormonal imbalances and stress. In case you have mood to make love and romance better decrease the coffee consumption.


Soy of course is a good and healthy meat substitute. But the same is a low libido diet as it has phytoestrogens that that mingle with male sex hormone. This alone is good to lead to fertility issues, breast growth in men and hair loss on the body.

Aerated Drinks:

Regular consumption of sodas and flavored drinks can lead to fluctuations in the weight and also the mood. These kinds of drinks can lead to many health problems such as dental cavities, obesity, diabetes and lot more. These drinks are also harsh on sex life.


Think twice before you chew mint gums. No matter however efficient they are in fighting bad breath and increasing digestion they have bad effect on sex drive. Mint secrets menthol which lessens the sex desires.

Alcohol and tobacco:

You get relaxed with alcohol drinks but can it help you in relaxing through sex, no… definitely not…alcohol leads to a kind of chemical stimulation that hampers testosterone production.  So avoid alcohol beverages. Same is the case with tobacco, any kind of tobacco ingestion will lessen libido.

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