Improving memory power is no miracle

A good memory is not only essential for students, but it is also equally important for all. Forgetting things frequently can make carrying on the daily routine cumbersome. Here are few techniques to follow to remember the things easily and increase memory power.


Revising is the only way to improve memory. Every day, many things and issues get into the mind and pass off the mind. The mind does not remember all the things that enter it. It only remembers such things which we knowingly or unknowingly come across and hear frequently. This is where the concept of revision is important. This has been proved in many studies; the mind will remember only those things which it will come across in one way or the other often. So keep revising the things and keep remembering the things.

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Remembering things becomes easier when you make use of some signs. Making use of related signs to that particular concept which you need to remember will make the things easy for you. The logic behind this is, you are giving the brain two options to remember the things you want to remember. One is the thing itself and the second is the sign associated with that particular thing. Say for instance you need to attend some seminar some time down the line; you just stick a paper that has the seminar date on it to your mirror or place it near your computer. This will make the brain familiar with the concept and the chances of forgetting are lesser.


We tend to forget most vital things sometimes. Funniest thing is the things we forget will have vital importance, which in some cases can shape into a major loss, be it in studies or in life. To avoid this situation, it is better you organize the things and work. Note down important chores of the day in your diary. Earmark half an hour daily in the morning to jot down important things such as your appointments and so on. Just don’t write them in brief if possible detail them so that you don’t miss out on even the minutest part. Keep revising the diary and check if the task has been completed or not.


Sleep is the mightiest tips for memory power. For many of the memory problems, sleep is one sure shot remedy. When you have correct sleep then you are giving the brain the much needed time to relax and focus. Have a good sleep for minimum 8 hours. Doing so will make the brain sharper and also fresh.


The other best way to remember things is to visualize. Visualization here is nothing but giving the brain a pictographic view of the things you need to remember. Say for instance you are reading on world war. While reading, simultaneously keep visualizing about the world war. This way the brain will remember the things more.

So next time when you have lesser memory don’t panic on how to boost memory. Follow these 5 easy steps to make the things clearer and also to remember them for a longer time.

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