Importance of hobbies for children cannot be ignored

As a good parent, it is your duty to develop some kind of hobby in your children or else you are not dispensing your duties to the fullest as a responsible parent. A child with hobby will definitely develop into a good future citizen. The best age to develop a hobby in your child is around 6 to 7. When a child develops some sort of hobby at this age. He/she will carry on for lifelong as per noted studies. Here let us see how hobbies in children will benefit your child in the future.

•    When a child develops some hobby, the nature of sticking to task perfectly is developed. Undiluted concentration and to focus single-mindedly for hours together on certain thing is automatically initiated in the child. This will help the child to focus on even the minutest things on any issue.

•    It will also develop the habit of intuition in them. They will start taking into consideration all the pros and cons of a thing. They can easily gauge which is good and which is bad instantly or over a period of time.

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•    Human nature is really a weird thing. We don’t know when it flies in joy and when it goes idle due to some sorrow. If it is the latter case then feeling sick is obvious and this is where your child needs a good hobby to come out of that situation. When your child has a hobby he can easily divert the mood and keep busy with his/her hobby. This will ease up the things slowly.

•    Whether you believe or not children with some hobby excel more than the ones who have no hobby at all. This has been proved in many studies. The logic behind this is simple. Children will be able to cope up the pressure using their hobbies. As soon as they are stressed their mind automatically shifts over to their hobby and this is not possible in children who have no hobby and they keep on worrying with pressure, ultimately making things worse.

•    One biggest advantage is they can easily guess where their interest lies and so they can easily make up mind on what to read and how to build up their career.

•    Hobby even brings out the creativity in the child. Focused concentration on certain hobby will become their bread winner too in the future. This is how Tendulkars, Beckhams and Shakespheres are made.

So develop some kind of worthwhile hobbies for children. In the beginning stages provide them with as many as possible and as days pass by they will be able to know which hobby amongst them gives them more joy and pleasure. As a parent, it is your duty and your joy to see the success of your child.

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