Implement Ayurveda to treat insomnia

Not everyone has the benefit and luck of having a peaceful sleep. The days have become so tight packed that wishing a sound sleep is just sin. It is something a dream for many. Apart from busy schedules, many other factors are also at act.

As per reports, lack of sleep has become a daily routine for many of the employees in I.T. industry. This situation has fostered other physical and mental problems. One of the direct and most embarrassing effects of lack of sleep is you just cannot do justice to the following day. You will begin the day all lazy and the result is one more unfruitful day.

Here are the health effects of sleep deprivation:

•    The mental and psychological conditions get imbalanced.

•    You begin to undergo more stress, which otherwise could have been easily put off.

•    The digestion gets sluggish

•    You lose interest in day to day activities.

•    Lack of enthusiasm and interest begins to rise.

•    The skin goes pale and dull.

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•    If this situation carries on for a long time the memory power goes down which may lead to dementia.

•    Many of the vital organs such as heart and kidney get affected.

•    The blood pressures get abnormal.

•    Heart rate sees rapid changes.

•    The Liver starts to malfunction.

•    Depression and anxiety are at peak levels.

•    Increased anger.

•    Production levels go down.

These are only a few of the side effects of insomnia. There are even many more to say.

Anyways there is nothing to worry on this. There are many conventional and also home remedies to treat sleep deprivation. Here we shall concentrate on more healthy, easier and also the effective way of treating this. And this is the ayurvedic treatment for insomnia. These are easy and can also be done by anyone just by sitting at home. Here are few of the ayurvedic treatments for lack of sleep.

•    Take 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds and fry them mildly. Make powder out of these. Eat this powder along with a good ripe banana every night.

•    Massage the foot sole using cow ghee daily night. This will easily give you good sleep.

•    Eat Withania Somnifera powder by mixing it with ghee and sugar before going to bed.

•    Take long pepper paste and jaggery powder in same quantities and take it before going to bed.

•    Take 10 grams of Indian gooseberry powder, 10 grams of Indian pennywort powder and 10 grams of Acorus calamus powder. Mix them well. And boil them in 100 grams of sesame oil. Strain the oil and use it to massage head and body daily for 15 minutes. Soon after massaging is over take a head bath and you can see getting sound sleep.

Just do one of the above easy ayurvedic treatments and have a peaceful sleep as soon as that. Though the result may take time, they are permanent, so prefer any of these based on your convenience.

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