Ilha da Queimada Grande: Island of snakes

Who doesn’t fear for snakes unless you have some magical power? Their curly swift movement, sharpness at striking things and finally their deadliest poison that can lay you down permanently in the ground. Now, this article is all about SNAKE ISLAND in Brazil. You will find the island predominantly with snakes. This island is mystic for scientists and people alike. That is why we are giving you some unbelievable facts of this mysterious island. Unfortunately, it has been closed for visitors so we just have to be satisfied with what we can read about this weird island. Here we go with the poisonous facts.

1)    This snake island is nothing but Ilha da Queimada Grande Island spread near the coast of São Paulo in Brazil.

2)    It has more than 4000 poisonous snakes.

3)    The island is spread in 110 acres.

4)    For every 1 square meters, you can find one snake.

5)    This is known as the most dangerous and deadliest island in the world.

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6)    The world’s deadliest snake, Bothrops insularis is found only in this island and now imagine why it is called the most dangerous island. Bothrops insularis is also called as golden lancehead. In comparison to other snakes, this snake’s poison is 5 times more dangerous. The poison of this snake is so dangerous that even the skin of the persons gets melted when it splits its poison.

7)    Statistics says that nearly 90 percent of people in Brazil are meeting death due to its bite.

8)    The black market for this dangerous snake is really high and is worth some crores business.

9)    The number of these dangerous snakes alone is nearly 2000 in this island. They live by eating birds and other snakes.

10)    The island was visited in the past by common people when its dangers were unknown, but now it is closed. Only navy people of Brazil and scientists are allowed as of now keeping the danger in mind.

11)    Though the government of Brazil has passed stringent orders not to go for this deadly island. Hunters secretly enter this island to catch golden lancehead snakes.

12)    The island has been separated from Brazil some 11000 years ago due to rise in the sea level.

13)    The island even has a lighthouse that was built in 1909.

14)    The presence of mammals is not found in this island.

So how do you feel now after knowing this deadly island? Next when in Brazil don’t ever think of this poisonous island or else your joy of visiting this beautiful country will get evaporated.

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