If you don’t eat these foods your nails aren’t healthy

Nails say much more of health and beauty than you would have thought of. The condition of your nails can easily say how healthy you are both internally and externally. For many of us the beauty of nails is nothing but manicure but that need not be always. To have beautiful nails and healthy nails we need to take healthy foods. Here is the list of best foods for healthy nails.


The correct amount of iron is a mandate for healthy nails. If there is iron deficiency nails get split. So eat liver more to give the body correct amount of iron. In case you are vegan eat more of green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and jaggery. These vegetarian foods are high in iron. When these are taken in high numbers the body gets required amounts of iron and so the health of the nails is intact.

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Dairy products:

Nails have a kind of protein called as keratin and to get keratin you need to eat more of dairy products such as ghee, yogurt, milk and cheese. All these products have high amounts of calcium and proteins. Both these two items assist keratin present in the nails. Calcium and biotin strengthen the outer part of the nails and so nails will have lesser breakages.


Fish again here is doing its own share of good for our health as usual. This water food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Not only this, it even has sulphur and proteins. Prefer to eat salmon and mackerel. These have more amounts of omega acids in comparison to others. These omega acids give the required amount of dampness to nails. Not only this, they hydrate the nails and also assist in making the nails stronger, thicker and soft.

Egg white:

As we all know egg white is a treasure to natural goodness and nutritional values. Egg whites help in keeping the keratin present in the nails to stay intact. Egg white is also high in biotin. Eating a boiled egg white daily will easily give you strong and thick nails.

Cereals and pulses:

All kinds of cereals and pulses are highly useful in keeping the health of the nails. Eating them will give required amount of zinc to the body. our body needs a correct amount of zinc for strong nails.

Vitamin C foods:

All the foods rich in vitamin C are highly useful in keeping the nails glowing and healthy. Fruits such as lime, guava, mango and lemon are rich in vitamin C. So take them as many times as possible in a week for healthy and stronger nails.

Having said all we should not forget to emphasize the importance of lean meat in giving health of the nails.

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