Ideas to make your window garden

Greenery anywhere is good for environment and also us. Unfortunately with changing times, place for greenery has become timid forcing people to go without greenery. But there’s one way to maintain greenery despite lack of space and that is window gardening. Here are window garden ideas for you.

How to plan window gardening?

Before planting any kind of plants, you should be aware of the uses of them and also ways of growing plants in windows. Apart from that you should also have an idea on how much space it will occupy. The way it grows and also its shape. There should be a proper plan before buying plants. You should have a prior idea on what kind of plants you wish to plant such as creepers, bushes, flower plants, fruit plants and so on. Even herbal plants are also good ones to grow in your window garden; they not only magnify the beauty of your home but also come handy for health. Once you make your mind on the type of plants your window garden should have then set out to buy.

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What type of flower pots to prefer?

Whatever the size and design of the flower pot see to that it has a drain hole. This is the first care to take while buying flower pots. Since we place them in windows, there should be a proper channel for the additional water to get away from the pots. Rain or sometimes even we water them more and such additional water should be let through or else the plants will die. So keep an eye on this important window gardening essential.

How to arrange more plants in less space?

The distance between plants depends on the type of plants you prefer. We need more space for herbal plants while the flower plants need less space. Even the creepers and bushes need less space. So prefer these. All in all, it depends on your preference. There should at least be 6 inches gap between plants to plant.

Precautions to take with window gardening:

Having full enthusiasm to have window gardening alone is not enough. You should take every care to maintain it. There are certain precautions and care to be taken with the plants and you should also have an idea of container planting plans. Here are those precautions to be taken for effective window gardening and also longevity of plant’s life.

•    Never forget to water them regularly.

•    As soon as the soil gets dry you should water them as these plants are more exposed to heat.

•    Prefer organic pesticides.

•    Add fertilizer for every 2 to 3 weeks.

•    Keep moistening the plants.

•    When you water the plants see to that you are pouring water sufficiently.

This is all about window gardening. Follow the above said things and you can see your gardening blossoming and giving you treat to eyes.

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