Ideal travel companion: how to be one?

Travel companion(s) could be anyone from a friend to anyone from your family. And almost everyone looks out for one travel companion so that the experience of travelling is not only secured but also better.  But not everyone is an ideal travel companion and choosing correctly could save a lot of unwarranted and unwanted situations. Here are some of the characteristics of an ideal travel companion while trying to be one or when you are trying to look out for one:

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Sharing same enthusiasm for travel: It would always be better to have a companion or a friend who shares the same level of enthusiasm like yours. The same applies to a travel companion as well. While it is possible to have different tastes what should match is the passion and enthusiasm for doing things and doing it together.

Be flexible: Travelling is a mixture of happy and stressful situations. It is possible that there are unplanned and unwanted situations that keep cropping up in front of you. All practical knowledge and even months of meticulous planning cannot prepare you for what is in store when the real thing happens. An ideal travel partner would not create situations of conflict which are unnecessary and would be ready to make changes if and when required.

Healthy and hygienic: Nobody would like to have someone during travelling who is sick or unhealthy. Since travelling means all about fun and learning, bad health could be a big spoiler. So, be sure that you are ready not only in mind but also in the body when going for that trip. Then again, when you have a long time to spend with some be sure that both of you are hygienic. It could save you from a lot of diseases. Two people who share different levels of thoughts when it comes to health could become incompatible very soon. Avoid that.

Be ready to share responsibilities: There is no fun when only one is sitting and planning everything from tickets to bookings to almost everything that come under pre-plan. It not only leads to irritation and fights but also robs you the opportunity to have that second opinion. Be the one who shares everything including responsibilities so that the fun too can be shared equally.

Respect cultural difference: Many a times you could come across a person who is different from you in terms of language, culture or even thought process. Being respectful all the time and apologetic when needed is one of the key ideal characteristics of an ideal travel partner. Respect others just the way you would want them to respect you and always be sure that you are treated respectfully.

Similar planning and schedules: Last but not the least is that you and your travel partner should have same or similar schedule. There is nothing like right or wrong schedule when travelling as long as it meets your requirements. That is why be sure that at the beginning itself two schedules are compared and amended wherever needed.

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